vid for boiler room x ray ban

vid: cole from diiv interviews his biggest fan

standing outside after the diiv/grimes show, diiv’s most famous fan was professing his love for the band when cole (the singer) popped up. randomly i suggested he interview his fan and then this happened. soon after this, young jason ended up getting interviewed by alan palomo, ryan schreiber, dustin payseur, and cassie ramone (maybe i’ll post those later). weird magic: making dreams come true.

video: massacooramaan: “wyjd”

by Kingdom & Subtrança


video premiere: San Gabriel – “Experimental Forest”

premiere: new video from san gabriel aka la beatsmith butchy fuego. featuring ample lazers, fog and bass, this is definitely weird magic, and just in time for 4/20.

san gabriel/butchy participates in our “weird magic sessions” party experiment next sat (4.28) alongside massacooramaan, co la, lamin fofana, myself, and many others. deets here.

video: huerco s. – untitled

one of our favorite tracks by one of our favorite artists gets the video treatment. this track appears on huerco’s upcoming no jack ep on wicked bass. clip by the man himself, who also just dropped the 7th installation of his all-edits secret musik series (more on that later)

blondes debut lp out now

Much like The Field’s illuminating From Here We Go Sublime or Luke Abbott’s Holkham Drones, each track on this collection of the duos series of 12-inches released last year takes you on a different voyage, which isn’t too dissimilar to the next or the last trip it took you on. And every minute of it puts a rapt grin above my chin. There’s a awe-inducing majesty to the moments when all the subtly introduced parts coalesce and then ebb away but there’s also a sense of feeling completely lost, as if every ounce of euphoria you just experienced is more of a fading dream than a ‘song’ or a ‘composition’ or whatever the hell you wanna call these ‘pieces’. Pulling this record apart and picking out one track over another seems pointless (isn’t everything?) and every second you’re reading this, is another moment of your life you’re not spending escaping and fully immersing yourself in the throbbing bosom of Blondes.
sean adams, drownedinsound

available now on rvng intl. stream in full at xlr8r.

absolutely dreams

by phillip

new 2012 revelations from our favorite sexy bearded miracle worker, initials J.C.

SHAMS on soundcloud

video: light asylum – skull fuct

beautiful and powerful video. can’t wait for the full-length.

new black dice: “pigs”

black dice – “pigs”

brilliant as ever. also check the launch page, built by yours truly 😉

tonight @ kent

worth posting for luke‘s genius video flyer alone. aurora (innergaze/mutual dreaming) throws majestic parties.

RSVP/details on facebooks

video: pure x – surface

Pure X – “Surface” from Malcolm Elijah on Vimeo.

[one of our favorite tracks. beautiful video. real magic.]

divine moments of truth

shpongle plays hammerstein ballroom tonight. i might have to do it.

120 megabytes

new music video and art show curated by baltimore badass @markbrown. 120 megabytes premiered on xxjfg today, with new episodes to come every thursday. the first one, featuring Chaneliers, Nice Nice, SSLLEEPERHOLD, Sun Araw, Takeshi Murata & Toshio Matsumoto, can be viewed below or here.

for more datamosh realness peep his new clip for cex’s “throne pwner” here, he’s also posted a new mix to his soundcloud since we last checked up with him.

video: supreme cuts – “issues”


video premiere: greatest hits – “stranger of love”

new vid for an unreleased 2010 track done while recording a new record in europe. the gh/gunk boys are relentless. follow their exploits on gunk tv blog an facebook / brooklyn: welcome them back on sept. 8th with ducktails, family portrait, and future shuttle.

pure x interview + video + photos from brooklyn w/ forma and eola

hot on the heels of their new record, pleasure [listen here], pure x stopped through brooklyn earlier this month to bring their warmth and fuzziness to the last bobka show, a sweaty, ecstatic night. great to see so many people getting stoked on this band lately, and live in the flesh it’s easy to see why — they’re tapping into something deeper than we may know.

here’s a look inside the walls that night, “stuck livin” launching right into “surface”:

brooklyn writer/videographer mark craig also spliced in bits of my footage of “easy” and “dry ice” into this interview he captured with the band backstage that night:

more photos from the night, including tonstartssbandht and forma (not pictured: run dmt) after the jump.

photos by joe talman / thx elise for the cam assist


sea things – re: winter wonderland

sea things – re: winter wonderland

on “re: winter wonder land,” florida’s sea things reacts to the animal collective song in a track that samples a good chunk of, but does not purport to “remixing,” its source material.

he says, “I think of it more like a “reply” to that song than a remix of it (the logic is of sampling and adding, not revising … itll make sense when u here it, done with full love for those fellas). Like an extension, over time, of having loved the song for so long … it came out of remembering listening to “Winter Wonder Land” really.”

memory — what a fascinating thing.

sea things – re: winter wonder land

more sea things:
sea things – driftwalk & a.m.

Sea Things – Ferns from Steph D on Vimeo.

magic: slugs mating

magic: slugs mating

smokedontsmoke‘s video for persona la ave‘s steamy “soulmates” introduced me to the mating ritual of the leopard slug, and it’s pure magic. the epitome of weird nature.
watch this: [nsfw]

happy birthday gillian / chechen zikr / chants

happy birthday gillian / chechen zikr / chants

so last night in the middle of cosmic bombshell gillian‘s birthday party, this happened:

happy birthday gillian (b flat universe) 05.02.11

(this was preceded by an explanation that the big bang was in the key of b flat.)

at the end of the recording you can hear boots say “that was like the chechen zikr,” which is an old field recording i found years ago online, and possibly the most intense recording i’ve ever heard. the chechens are a notorious/cut-throat bunch, but their chants are incredible/trance-inducing:

chechen zikr
(if anyone knows the origin of this recording please let me know.)

the men in action:

try to vibe as hard as these guys.

la big vic / mr. broken bird (video)

la big vic / mr. broken bird (video)

la big vic, one of our favorite bands in the cosmos, debuted a new track today set to pixels by videomulch freak luke wyatt, it’s an exquisitely psychedelic joyride through the heavens. the track is absolutely epic and we’ve long been fans of luke’s mangled video work, with his mi ami and autre ne veut clips immediately coming to mind.

their first full-length lp, entitled actually, lands may 10th on underwater peoples. above, behold the just-finished robert beatty cover art, with the just-confirmed tracklist below. overjoyed to watch this band continue their rapid ascension.

la big vic – actually:

02 Heyo (Silver Morning)
03 FAO
04 Chinese Wedding
05 Mr. Broken Bird
06 Bobka Chocka
07 Musica

mp3: la big vic – lyny

more lbv:
newtown sessions: “musica”
past lbv sightings