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It’s almost our favorite time of the month again so we’ve shared the photos and recordings from last round, featuring outerstellar recordings and truly amazing visuals/outfitting by SPIDER. This weekend we’ve got another great crew including an intimate Time Wharp live set as well as our Teklife brethren, including a very special guest. Pre-4th rage. Get ready. Photos below by Erez Avissar.





Today is the day WEIRD MAGIC opens up a new portal in this dimension, PURPLE TRAX. PURPLE TRAX is a new label focusing on independent, experimental music that wouldn’t otherwise get properly released. Check out our intro video:

our Kickstarter video.

We’ve already got some killer releases lined up for this year, but first we’re kicking things off with a compilation featuring special handpicked tracks from some new artists as well as a few of our faves. You can listen to the entire thing now, below.

We have launched a Kickstarter to help us pay for the printing of the compilation, the launch party, and to get us on our feet basically. Any donations much appreciated, and we’re offering some great, very tangible rewards.

Listen to the comp here:

We’ve got a busy year ahead!

Purple Trax Volume 1 Compilation:
Huerco S, Via App, Traxman, Rivka, Terekke, Far Out Far Out, Sasha Jan Rezzie, Joe P, Logan Takahashi, Aurora Halal, Sasha Desree

EPs/12″s by:
• 12″: Wabi Sabi (Terekke, Jan, Rezzie)
• 12″: Sasha Jan Rezzie (two tracks avail now: All My Dreams / Play Infinite)
• Far Out Far Out
• Joe Jones
+ more

Purple Trax Singles Series:
• Beta Librae
• Far Out Far Out
• Sasha Desree
• Jan Woo
• Terekke
• Samantha Urbani
• Xhosa
+ more

More soon. Read some personal stories about each of the tracks in the compilation, below.


back in new york and working out some new spells. keep your eyes on the facebook page for now for slightly more freakwent updates.

e & e – “reina”

e & e – “reina”

e & e is elijah crampton, with help from angelica olsen on vocals and ashland mines/totalfreedom. “reina” melds tribal hand percussion with gleaming 80s synths with haunted house laughter, to wonderfully hypnotic, transportative effect. all their tracks come highly rec’d.

e & e – reina (tape cut)

track discovered via daytime television (aka teams collaborator jónó mí ló)’s great salem/silk flowers show dj set. (tracklist/download)

3.16.11.SALEM by jonomilo

free spirit – the event

free spirit – the event

greenpoint duo free spirit, recently outed by dazed and confused magazine as our pals mcgregor of chocolatebobka and jonah maurer of wet dream/family portrait, are brewing up some seriously celestial ambient sounds, which mcgregor breaks down as 90% improv and 10% layered tracks set by jonah. the following is one of the latter, and one of the prettiest, most mollifying passages we’ve encountered in recent memory:

free spirit – the event

the neighbors have been quietly uploading tracks, videos, mixtapes since last fall, with mcg has also been creating solo work as meadowlands. his minimalist grosskopf redux was apparently given the nod by rvng, and is currently at work on a meditational ambiance/instructional series, including music for sleeping, for mass transporation, for office environments, for asian fusion restaurants, etc.

high-concept, yes. and don’t expect to catch them live unless you live in europe or japan [update: now willing to play south america, too], as those are the only two places they’re willing to play. in the meantime, zone out:

Free Spirit – The Event from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

free spirit tumblr



weird magic turned a half-year-old recently, and that half-year has been packed with highlights. eternal gratitude for all the support. this blog was born with every intention of having it progress, shapeshift, and evolve, and today we are announcing a few changes:

  • in thinking of ways to improve our reader’s experience, we believe posting music in the form of short “playlists” is more effective than individual music posts, so we are going to try out a new way of posting great music in clusters rather than one at a time. we believe this will allow more room for photos, features, and exclusives, and make it easier to find/consume what you want. the first of these posts will go up later today.
  • we have decided to stop doing the radio show. we’d prefer to deliver quality content when it is ready and have people listen to it or download it for keeps whenever they like, in the highest quality possible. it was a great excuse for us to get some awesome mixes and exclusives, but still pledge to actually step up the frequency of both artist mixes/sessions/features, as well as mixes of our own (weird magic mix #2 to drop soon, in the meantime check our past ones), and there are a ton of improvements that i can’t wait to make to the site itself as soon as i find some time.
  • today aaron “boots” moves forward from regularly posting/generally being half of the blog. he wants to focus more on his video work and will still contribute and continue to collaborate on music stuff with me. and we’re still best friends. oh, and he dropped a new music video today.
  • weird magic could use some help! looking for skilled writers willing to help out with music posts on a very flexible basis, to write about great tracks, conduct interviews, edit, and the like. we could also use a helper/intern in brooklyn down to hang with us a couple times a week, photo edit, help plan events, music, pushing envelopes, etc.
  • and lastly, of course, if you’ve got any suggestions/feedback for us, please let us know!

♥ ♥ ♥

[animorph by aixzana]

boylan / starfoxxx

boylan / starfoxxx

the murmurs about boylan, one of the most slept-on ghettoteknitians in chicago, have been getting louder, with many hailing him the “best white juke producer,” and the unlikely beatsmith (and full-time high school teacher by day) has been rolling out the kind of heat that proves the respect is well-deserved. dude definitely knows what he’s doing.

his new e.p. mystery, slated for an april 26th on ghettophiles, should help too. preview below via minimix courtesy of starfoxxx.

Starfoxxx – Boylan Minimix by Ghettophiles

here’s an exclusive non-e.p. track that boylan gave us to post:
boylan – holdin’ on

check his mixcloud for a handful of mixes including this one: it’s from september, but it’s packed with tracks i’d never heard, and definitely one of the coldest, most tripped-out juke mixes to ever enter my ears:

boylan‘s e.p. mystery drops on 4.26.11 on ghettophiles.

labelmates starfoxxx, makers of the boylan e.p. minimix attached above, have a release of their own dropping the following week also on ghettophiles. they are amassing a pretty deep vault of tracks on their soundcloud, displaying a chameleon-like ability to adapt to different dance styles, and an absolutely voracious appetite when it comes to sampling, unafraid to juke out anything from tears for fears to willow smith.

the self-titled e.p. finds the trio breaking away from the juke template to explore their own ground, and it fits snugly alongside current electronic innovators like nguzunguzu and the night slugs camp. our favorite track off their e.p. is actually a bonus track by “starfaux” (member david beltran solo). despite the “bonus track” status, this one’s definitely a scorching blast of heat:

excloose mp3:
Starfaux – More, ya dig

preview the whole new e.p. with this minimix they compiled:

Minimix by starfoxxxchicago

starfoxxx’ self-titled e.p. is out 5.5.11 on ghettophiles.

photos: cmj friday

photos: cmj friday

photos by joe perez and erez avissar

there were too many good shows on friday: light asylum and co tore up coco66, zola jesus, avey tare and others were steady flooring it at brooklyn bowl, death by audio hosted a diverse group of young innovators, including greatest hits, teen inc and prince rama, and silent barn had a titillating bill including the legend r. stevie moore, tonstartssbandht and butts. thakfully there are photographers like joe perez (part of the great eyebodega collective), willing to hop from venue to venue snapping pretty pixels to help us live vicariously. he’s consistently impressed, from his great shots at the mtymx festival, to eloquently capturing market hotel‘s heyday. check the portfolio for more). below, find photos from altered zones cmj showcase @ death by audio and silent barn later, feat. r. stevie moore and butts.

(we missed prince rama, but you can check out our friend leia jospe’s shots @ altered zones)

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