Antenes for Resident Advisor.


Index festival.

yves tumor, james ferraro & more @ villain.

Bunker x Giegling.

Yucatan 2017.




comunite 2017 tulum.

photos: sustain-release 2016

thank you to sustain-release and r.a. for having us back on the crew for their best year yet.

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Purple Trax Label Nights


We are ten deep now! Something special about these parties that luckily we attempt to capture to tape and film each time. Below behold a collection of photos from all of the events, as well as recordings from the last edition, including an amazing live set courtesy of 1080p’s Trust Image. Stay tuned and follow Purple Trax for upcoming dates and announcements.


Audio/Visual: Purple Trax Label Night Vol. <3


Relive the magic from a special lover’s edition Purple Trax Label Night, vday 2016. Includes a stellar live set by A Pleasure, who went deep on porn samples for the occasion, and a fantastic dj set by WM fam Jan Woo, in top form and punctuated by the whoops and shouts of a packed crowd driven into a frenzy. Thank you all for being adventurous enough to allow such excursions time and time again. A couple of foggy pics below, featuring a cameo by our vday cupid. Next one March 24!


MEX2: tulum / comunite


photos by Erez Avissar


Purple Trax Label Night VI

Recordings and pictorals from the 6th installment of our label night. Featuring DatKat, Shredder, Plebeian, Greem, and Richard Kennedy. All photos by Erez Avissar.