video: massacooramaan: “wyjd”

by Kingdom & Subtrança


fay – “din”

when time no place (nguzunguzu, rainbow arabia, san gabriel) tips you on something that “doesn’t sound like any other record you’ve heard this year” you take notice. there’s definitely something cool happening here, with productions just begging to be remixed.

kingfisherg: “indian mound”

kingfisherg – indian mound (youtube)

this is why blogs like these are made, to shout out gems like these that pop up from seemingly nowhere. i found this on some forum where it was described as “absolute perfection”. agreed.

cooly g

here’s an artist we fully support who too few people in the states seem to know about: cooly g produces slick next level beats and sings on them and she’s signed to hyperdub and a badass. and dj rashad is a fan.

as soon as the synths kicked in on her gorgeous single “landscapes” i knew the situation was serious.

her new record playin’ me is one of the nicest i’ve heard in recent memory. seek that.

Cooly G – He Said I Said


If I have created a world for you, in your place,
God, you had to come to it confident,
and you have come to it, to my refuge,
because my whole world was nothing but my hope.

[link removed]


Da Mind of Traxman / TONIGHT in BK

we’ve been delayed on posting this on the blog-blog for a while now, but traxman’s mind of traxman lp is a juke masterpiece and one of the best albums we’ve heard so far this year. the chicago veteran has been important in the evolution of chicago house into juke, and touches on so many styles and insane drum patterns and sample flips it can be dizzying, but as a whole the record is a serious psychedelic slice of pure soul music from the future.

let these amazing exclusive tracks traxman hooked us up with warm you up for his set tonight (fri the 25th) at 285 kent alongside Howse, Octo Octa, Ñaka Ñaka, The Range, and yours truly. come get your mind reprogrammed to 160bpm, or as traxman said, it’s like you’re missing “ringling brothers, the greatest show on earth” check it out.

traxman – lifeeee is for ever
traxman – footworkin on air
traxman – 1988
traxman – budda worx
traxman – movinnnn
traxman – 1976


Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam (youtube)

John Talabot – So Will Be Now… feat. Pional (youtube)

teebs – moments (youtube)

Lucid – Jumbo (Norrit Remix)

DJ Bamanan – Gnoukoubala (Gulls Remix)

Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)

Boylan – High Lite (Sinjin Hawke Remix)

Bosstone – Lean

DJ Soulja-Man – Eski-Tech (Massacooramaan No Pulse No Heartbeat Remix)

Big Voyage – Kept You

modeselektor & thom yorke – this

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parisian (rec: “heavy petting”)

sun glitters

moresounds (rec: “dancing shoes”, “melissa”)

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clams casino – bbc radio 1 mix

john talabot – fact mix

ñaka ñaka – moussan (live at festival nrmal)

cumbia mix by papi (via boomarm nation)

video premiere: San Gabriel – “Experimental Forest”

premiere: new video from san gabriel aka la beatsmith butchy fuego. featuring ample lazers, fog and bass, this is definitely weird magic, and just in time for 4/20.

san gabriel/butchy participates in our “weird magic sessions” party experiment next sat (4.28) alongside massacooramaan, co la, lamin fofana, myself, and many others. deets here.




video: huerco s. – untitled

one of our favorite tracks by one of our favorite artists gets the video treatment. this track appears on huerco’s upcoming no jack ep on wicked bass. clip by the man himself, who also just dropped the 7th installation of his all-edits secret musik series (more on that later)

Drexciya x Aminata Diabate x Lamin Fofana – Unknown Journey II [world premiere]

african traditional meets drexciya? who else could pull this off as deftly as lamin fofana, current brooklyn resident who steeps his sonic brews in his african roots. here, he takes the drexciya cut, already a banger, and layers in samples of malian singer Aminata Diabate singing classic West African Mandinka song “Autorail”, adding even more depth and flavor. great work as usual, mr. fofana. will fit snugly next to that excellent brokedown city remix on our party playlist.

this edit was made while working on this mix for okayafrica.

goitia deitz remixed

i think this is a really great and worthwhile release for a lot of reasons – but it’s nice out today, and besides, i’m not in a proselytic mood

this exists; now you know


rebolledo – playground mix

rebolledo – playground mix

crucial skill #1, as far as i can tell, for music blogging: coming up with a punchy, marginally descriptive, and effusive sentence or two to attach to a lazy repost from another blog. let it be known, dear reader, that i will more often than not fail to so deliver the obligatory accompanying objective critical commentary, but -

here is an awesome mix from comeme‘s rebolledo (sometime collaborator and subject matter of transcontinental dreamboat eccentric matias aguayo, self-proclaimed super vato, superpitcher’s bandmate and label partner, and overall certified freak techno badass), courtesy of playground. as for sentence two: fuck your retarded concept of What Cool Weird Dance Music Is In 2012 if it includes any consideration of certain insufferable, forced “classic house revival” poseurs (acting like they’ve discovered a new world, bearing audio smallpox blankets disguised as criminally dull 12″ records – well, at least it’s not infectious) and misses actual one-of-a-kind, here-and-now, and totally sincere dance music personalities; la lucha sigue and don’t you forget it

via playground (yesterday: rebolledo’s 10 favorite peppers with boots to match)

xoxo gossip girl