terekke – live @ fitness gallery / weird magic

mp3: terekke – live @ fitness gallery / weird magic

terekke the god dropping gold last week at my berlin send-off party at fitness gallery. w sum ccomputer gglitches. first track is forthcoming l.i.e.s. and my current obsession. enjoy.



moodymann – why do u feel
andy stott – numb
burial – ashtray wasp
john talabot & pional – so will be now
traxman – lifeee is forever
delroy edwards – 4 club use only
burial & four tet – nova
grimes – genesis
edgar froese – nights of automatic women (secret music edit) [mp3]
cos-ber-zam – ne noya (daphni mix)
arca – manners
rashad manny spin – do it again
oneohtrix point never – stone of spiritual understanding
madteo – dead drop
blawan – why they hide their bodies under my garage
blawan – lavender
monster rally – jaguar
holly herndon – fade
lamin fofana – brokedown city (aramac remix)
kendrick lamar – bitch, don’t kill my vibe
225 reynolda rd – francine and her friends [mp3]
head high – rave (dirt mix)
julius steinhoff – up above
trevino – doldrums
trevino – backtracking
bosstone – lean
bookworms – african rhythms
crazy design – el teke teke
teeth – percolator meme
flying lotus – getting there
anthony naples – mad disrespect
torn hawk – tarifa
daphni – ye ye
triad god – remand
major lazer – get free
1991 – open to the dark
guy gerber – the mirror game
anthony naples – mad disrespect
torn hawk – tarifa
dj sotofett – pulehouse (reggi mix)

albums &:

traxman – mind of traxman
burial – kindred
holy other – held
cooly g – playin me
john talabot – fin
actress – rip
nocow – gather strength
vessel – order of noise
holly herndon – movement
huerco s – no jack ep
daphni – jiaolong
hemlock – chapter one exclusives
kendrick lamar – good kid, m.a.a.d city


festival nrmal, monterrey, mexico
kraftwerk @ moma ps1, nyc
berghain w/ redshape, boris, marcel fengler, et al – berlin, germany
dreams 3.0 w/ grimes, asap rocky, araabmuzik, pictureplane – brooklyn, ny (weird magic event)
primavera sound – barcelona, spain
bk bass cmj party w/ terekke, nooka jones, anthony naples – brooklyn
night spa – brooklyn, ny
puppy gang w/ rashad, spinn, machinedrum, sepalcure, mikeq – brooklyn, ny (weird magic co-present)
rinsed 2-yr anniversary w/ egyptrixx, braille – brooklyn


holy other – held. one of the albums of the year.

submerge – the ritual

rashad manny spinn – do it again

lol boys – porteils

throwing snow – pyre

burial & four tet – nova

rashad & manny – ooh baby

how to dress well – cold nites

mykki blanco – wavvy vid

sts9 – when the dust settles

nas – we are one

mala – stand against war

lamin fofana’s “pleasure” mix (nsfw) + new ep announcement

seems like every other day, i’m offered an amazing mix/album to feature here, and this one no exception. an obscure, psychedelic ride from the masterful lamin fofana, who’s consistently impressed me with his productions, djing, mixes, human presence, and now he’s about to begin playing live shows (and will be playing one of our brooklyn events next month, deets to come). safe to say, this man is the truth.

lamin fofana – “pleasure”

John Cage, Nia Long, Head Boggle, Hype Williams, Samuel R. Delany, Gianna, Friday, Sigmund Freud, Egisto Macchi, LeeTV, Netflix, blue movies, Lemon, IDK, Immanuel Kant.

lamin’s next offering is the africans are real ep, due out on dutty artz on october 2nd.
details below:


teengirl fantasy portraits (& new tracks)

snapped some pics of the sweetest dudes the world has ever known, @logan_t_ and @nightfeelings, in anticipation of their new record, tracer, out on the 21st.

there’s already two tracks from the record available for stream, attached below. i also love the panda bear and romanthony (daft punk) cameos.

big ups! <3

..and bonus throwback: one of the best tracks ever! “CHEATERS”.

Ultrademon’s Internet Cult Mix

the latest weird magic mix comes from the original #seapunk and coral records founder himself, ultrademon, providing an exclusive first listen to his newest productions.

“dark nights, dusky maidens, future raves, full moon beach parties, desert stars, vine hung horizons, industrial wastelands, cyberspace djs, mecha demon magic, ethnobotanical basslines, dark crystal messiahs, teen anime love stories, stinging auras, fungal fantasy house, nautical elves, and voidic charms.”

Ultrademon – Internet Cult Mix

Viral Intro – Ultrademon
Chatroom With Enya (Internet Cult Mix) – Ultrademon
Heatstroke (Featuring TSARS) – Ultrademon
Flash 1.0 – Ultrademon
Drive U Crazy (Extended Mix) – Ultrademon
Power Ov (Ultrademon’s Remix) – Lao
Goonchie Blunch – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Bend – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Loki – Ultrademon
Time (Ultrademon’s Soft Touch Remix) – Buck Uk

teeth – percolator meme

Teeth – Percolator Meme

is there a word for this type of beat/rhythm? i can’t get enough of it! dancing.

this whole ep sounds great… sound pellegrino going there.

[ via louisahhh's new mix ]


just cuz we were a bit more quiet around here for a while, don’t think we stopped listening. arca is one of the hardest-working and most exciting producers in new york right now, one of the brightest talents on uno‘s bustling roster, and going to be producing tracks for all your favorite vocalists soon.

new one “manners” is an emotional stunner. #feelings

Arca – Manners

“little now a lot” is pretty mind-boggling, completely switching up at :50. this one is off baron libre which was a free uno giveaway for a time before the page was replaced with a new release – today’s equivalent of going out of print?

Arca – Little Now A Lot

there’s also an appropriately funny/twisted music video for “ass swung low”

stretch 2 will drop august 6th via uno.

:: arca soundcloud

catch arca at our party, dreams 3.0 in brooklyn on 7.29, alongside pictureplane, grimes, and myself.

video: massacooramaan: “wyjd”

by Kingdom & Subtrança


fay – “din”

when time no place (nguzunguzu, rainbow arabia, san gabriel) tips you on something that “doesn’t sound like any other record you’ve heard this year” you take notice. there’s definitely something cool happening here, with productions just begging to be remixed.

kingfisherg: “indian mound”

kingfisherg – indian mound (youtube)

this is why blogs like these are made, to shout out gems like these that pop up from seemingly nowhere. i found this on some forum where it was described as “absolute perfection”. agreed.

cooly g

here’s an artist we fully support who too few people in the states seem to know about: cooly g produces slick next level beats and sings on them and she’s signed to hyperdub and a badass. and dj rashad is a fan.

as soon as the synths kicked in on her gorgeous single “landscapes” i knew the situation was serious.

her new record playin’ me is one of the nicest i’ve heard in recent memory. seek that.

Cooly G – He Said I Said


If I have created a world for you, in your place,
God, you had to come to it confident,
and you have come to it, to my refuge,
because my whole world was nothing but my hope.

[link removed]