(from me and the purple princess, Egyptian lovher.)
featuring a bunch of xXxclusive edits.
very ruff, quick n darrrty bizness.
enjoy and be alove today and all ways.

india arie – ready for love
zhane – vibe
missy – sock it 2 me (rezzie nasty RMX)
grace jones – my jamaican guy
ll cool j – doin it
slum village – fall in love
slum village – climax
nas – still dreaming
beyonce – drunk in love (rezzie/egyptianlovher ruff azz bootleg)
504 boyz – i can tell
aaliyah – more than a woman (edit)
jody breeze – the way u move
sade – cherish the day
fugees – ready or not (rezzie RMX old demo)
tru – freak hoes
destiny’s child – with me
beyonce – partition
lady – pussy be yanking
trick daddy – nann nigga
blondes – elise>
burial – truant>
nar – udk>
busta & janet – whats it gonna be
janet – free xone
cocorosie – turn me on (live)
ginuwine – in those jeans (acapella)
huerco s. – battery tunnel

lamin fofana’s “pleasure” mix (nsfw) + new ep announcement

seems like every other day, i’m offered an amazing mix/album to feature here, and this one no exception. an obscure, psychedelic ride from the masterful lamin fofana, who’s consistently impressed me with his productions, djing, mixes, human presence, and now he’s about to begin playing live shows (and will be playing one of our brooklyn events next month, deets to come). safe to say, this man is the truth.

lamin fofana – “pleasure”

John Cage, Nia Long, Head Boggle, Hype Williams, Samuel R. Delany, Gianna, Friday, Sigmund Freud, Egisto Macchi, LeeTV, Netflix, blue movies, Lemon, IDK, Immanuel Kant.

lamin’s next offering is the africans are real ep, due out on dutty artz on october 2nd.
details below:


Ultrademon’s Internet Cult Mix

the latest weird magic mix comes from the original #seapunk and coral records founder himself, ultrademon, providing an exclusive first listen to his newest productions.

“dark nights, dusky maidens, future raves, full moon beach parties, desert stars, vine hung horizons, industrial wastelands, cyberspace djs, mecha demon magic, ethnobotanical basslines, dark crystal messiahs, teen anime love stories, stinging auras, fungal fantasy house, nautical elves, and voidic charms.”

Ultrademon – Internet Cult Mix

Viral Intro – Ultrademon
Chatroom With Enya (Internet Cult Mix) – Ultrademon
Heatstroke (Featuring TSARS) – Ultrademon
Flash 1.0 – Ultrademon
Drive U Crazy (Extended Mix) – Ultrademon
Power Ov (Ultrademon’s Remix) – Lao
Goonchie Blunch – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Bend – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Loki – Ultrademon
Time (Ultrademon’s Soft Touch Remix) – Buck Uk


If I have created a world for you, in your place,
God, you had to come to it confident,
and you have come to it, to my refuge,
because my whole world was nothing but my hope.

[link removed]


[updated] greatest hits – kale rock stars mix [+ dapper tripper mix]

GH Kale Rock Stars Mix / alt link


1. Herbie Hancock- Watermelon Man
2. E.L.O.- The Whale
3. Inc.- Millionairess
4. Herbie Hancock- I thought it was you
5. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face
6. Rolling Stones- Miss You
7. Jeff Phelps- Phase Shift
8. Bon Voyage- Sorciers des Aeroport
9. Neon- Skydiver
10. Doug Hream Blunt- Gentle Persuasion
11. Spectrum- How You Satisfy Me
12. Gary Wilson- Chromium Bitch
13. Gary Allen- Oops, It’s an Accident
14. The Associates- Party Fears Two
15. John Baker- Festival Time

new exclusive mix from the boys as they finish up their debut lp and gear up for the increasingly tantalizing festival nrmal in mexico next month. step in the spaceship.

UPDATE: zak mering/raw thrills, the other half of greatest hits, has already whipped up his own “psyched out” mix to accompany tyler’s “funktified” one:

GH Dapper Tripper Mix


guest mixes and photos: massacooramaan, hollagramz, @lilinternet, rizzla+blk.adonis, dj mark brown

thx to everyone who came out friday, s!ck, spencers gifs and to all the amazingly talented performers. these people really understand modern dance music, and we’ve got recordings to prove it. jam live guest mixes from all the artists below, with photos from the night after the jump or on facebook.

the next one gonna be even crazier .. stay tuned for announcements>>>

live @ weird magic x specers gifs x s!ck:
massacooramaan – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
hollagramz – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
rizzla b2b blk. adonis – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
dj mark brown – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012


TOP8 mix for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい


here’s a new mix from our internet crushes TOP8 for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい tonight. they can’t be with us IRL, but sent this over from montreal (9 hours ago via web)

rez & i will be playing the hits 2nite at the morgan with LF Wind (@teengirlfantasy), Sasha Desree (#DESREESLOUNGE), @Shock_Diamond, & Emilie Friedlander (@alteredzones); @ryder_ripps (dump.fm/@okfocus) & @amycakesDD will be providing virtual and analog makeovers, respectively - but if you’re not in nyc, you can always call (/text/skype/myspace/second life IM) a friend and get pretty at home to this mix

balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab has made us a mix inspired by our mother earth. take it outside on your mobile audio device, preferably in the early morning or late in the night, and dream out…


1. chubby wolf – anneal this chord of bliss
2. inca ore – always happy
3. josephine foster – birdo
4. nico – little sister
5. vashti bunyan – glow worms
6. grouper – come softly
7. portishead – deep water

portraits: balam acab + “oh, why” mp3

cankun + cankun mix

cankun + cankun mix

with archers by the sea on hiatus, france’s vincent caylet (aka cankun) has been crafting sunburnt tropical meditations i can only describe as ducktailsian (the influence is definitely not hidden, both in the press release and the enclosed mixtape inclusion). his newest track “i know you love to dance” might be our favorite so far. really enjoying these waters:

I know you love to dance by cankun

Coral sands by cankun

vincent compiled for us a playlist/mixtape, download it here.

1 Davenport – Springtime on Saturnalia
2 The Skaters – Part VI
3 Ducktails – Apple Walk
4 Madvillain – Raid
5 Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla
6 Fridge – Aphelion
7 Of – The Lamp Shell Path

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic

british beat alchemist chris owen (ornine) creates some sublimely raw, mutant juke that has swirled our brains around since discovering him recently. intrigued to hear what’s behind these strange creations, ornine melded this for us, his first mix.

in his words:
“as for notes, these notes from a talk by Bruce Sterling on the state of the future have been on my mind, tried to capture this flux between clouds of ungrounded trance and flashes of mania, and how that reflects increasing social instability and evaporating ideology… built between the dancefloor and the net. ”

Dread Euphoria Mix for Weird Magic by ornine

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic


Ornine – Horselover (synth)
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
Skillz – Talk of the Town
DJ NG feat Baby Kate – Tell Me What It Is
Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
Vybz Kartel/Zomby – Mi Fi Gi Yuh Love/Digital Fauna (Ornine Edit)
Mariah Carey – My All (DEA Remix)
Hieroglyphic Being – A Visitor from Someone Elses Memories
Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
Dem Hunger – Mosque Vibrations
Anthony Manning – Liquid Quartz 1
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed in the Octagon [ed. note: this part is sick]
Zomby – Rumours and Revelations
The Mover – Last Breath of the Homelands
Maluca – Jungle Violento (Zak-Matik Remix)
Boylan – No Cryin
Darkstar – Ostkreuz
DJ Spooky – Cream Crackers
Marshall Masters – Return To Zero
David Bowie – Crystal Japan

previously: rah justify – true south (ornine remix)

guest playlist: grimes

guest playlist: grimes

we asked claire/grimes, author of some of the most hauntingly beautiful music in recent memory, what she’s been listening to lately, and her picks show inspiration coming from some very diverse places, but somehow making perfect sense:

grimes – weird magic mix (mixed by rezzie) – [download as zip]

01. Prince – Computer Blue
02. Hamza – Wassila
03. Doldrums – Thinking of This snippet
04. Katy B – Louder
05. Blue Hawaii – Dream Electrixra
06. Seany Mac – One of Those Days
07. Tadeo – Bateria Lup!
08. Aretha Franklin – I say a Little Prayer

grimes’ split w/ d’eon is out today on hippos in tanks / arbutus records: buy here or stream the full thing below. her glorious halfaxa lp still available for your chosen price. both include “vanessa,” check the self-directed video below. grimes’ current live set consists of all-new material and the last few times we’ve seen her (incl. at our own sxsw show) we’ve been blown away by the new stuff. what a talented lady.

[RELATED: photos/videos of grimes djing our party at 285 kent with asap rocky, arca et al]

guest radio mix: wills glasspiegel

guest radio mix: wills glasspiegel

this past thursday on our radio programme, we were joined by wills glasspiegel, a brooklyn-based media producer and music manager who manages Janka Nabay and Shangaan Electro. he is currently managing The Present and working on a program now for All Things Considered about juke music in Chicago, his hometown. wills stopped by newtown armed with exclusive chicago footwork, field recordings, janka jams, shangaan electro, and tribal cumbia. he also talked to us about african/shangaan music, and had janka give us a call. check his blog, soundtravels.

guest radio mix: wills glasspiegel

weird magic joins janka nabay, dutch e germ (ggd), and bonjay tonight at the knitting factory.

excursions is our weekly radio show on newtown radio. tune into newtownradio.com thursday from 5-7pm for musical journeys and special guests. two weeks ago for our inaugural broacast we premiered a guest mix by gatekeeper. this thursday, we will feature a special in-studio performance by greatest hits (featuring sam from outer limits recordings).


gatekeeper weird magic mix

gatekeeper weird magic mix

listeners to our first weird magic broadcast were the first to hear this mix concocted by black magic conjurers gatekeeper, a most gluttonous 30-minute excursion, featuring a first listen of gatekeeper’s body-jerking streetwalker “ooze” edit, and giving nods to many a sonic forefather along the way. an aural injection equal parts venom and dopamine, this mix is every bit as grotesque, shocking, and sublimely thrilling as you would expect from the men:

gatekeeper weird magic mix

Sepultura – Altered States
Jam City – Arpjam (GK Delerium Edit)
Severed Heads – Big Car (Accapella)
Prodigy – Break & Enter
Gatekeeper – Serpent (D’eon Remix)
Synergy – Rampage of the Elements
Orbital – Walk Now
Delerium – Veracity
LFO – Think a Moment
Streetwalker – Ooze (Gatekeeper 2/4 Snare edit)
Chris Carter – Clouds
HNO3 – Doughnut Dollies
Cyberaktif – Temper
Dick Hymen – The Age of Electronicus
Aphex Twin – Untitled
Walter Christian Rothe – Death