back in berlin (w/ alienata, umberto, irradiance cache and noisekølln)

for my first jam back in berlin, we’re taking this grimy bassment and turning it into a rave cave, with Alienata, The Irradiance Cache and myself providing sounds after the UMBERTO show upstairs.
(don’t) be skurrrrrred..
[ fb event ]

more to come…



moodymann – why do u feel
andy stott – numb
burial – ashtray wasp
john talabot & pional – so will be now
traxman – lifeee is forever
delroy edwards – 4 club use only
burial & four tet – nova
grimes – genesis
edgar froese – nights of automatic women (secret music edit) [mp3]
cos-ber-zam – ne noya (daphni mix)
arca – manners
rashad manny spin – do it again
oneohtrix point never – stone of spiritual understanding
madteo – dead drop
blawan – why they hide their bodies under my garage
blawan – lavender
monster rally – jaguar
holly herndon – fade
lamin fofana – brokedown city (aramac remix)
kendrick lamar – bitch, don’t kill my vibe
225 reynolda rd – francine and her friends [mp3]
head high – rave (dirt mix)
julius steinhoff – up above
trevino – doldrums
trevino – backtracking
bosstone – lean
bookworms – african rhythms
crazy design – el teke teke
teeth – percolator meme
flying lotus – getting there
anthony naples – mad disrespect
torn hawk – tarifa
daphni – ye ye
triad god – remand
major lazer – get free
1991 – open to the dark
guy gerber – the mirror game
anthony naples – mad disrespect
torn hawk – tarifa
dj sotofett – pulehouse (reggi mix)

albums &:

traxman – mind of traxman
burial – kindred
holy other – held
cooly g – playin me
john talabot – fin
actress – rip
nocow – gather strength
vessel – order of noise
holly herndon – movement
huerco s – no jack ep
daphni – jiaolong
hemlock – chapter one exclusives
kendrick lamar – good kid, m.a.a.d city


festival nrmal, monterrey, mexico
kraftwerk @ moma ps1, nyc
berghain w/ redshape, boris, marcel fengler, et al – berlin, germany
dreams 3.0 w/ grimes, asap rocky, araabmuzik, pictureplane – brooklyn, ny (weird magic event)
primavera sound – barcelona, spain
bk bass cmj party w/ terekke, nooka jones, anthony naples – brooklyn
night spa – brooklyn, ny
puppy gang w/ rashad, spinn, machinedrum, sepalcure, mikeq – brooklyn, ny (weird magic co-present)
rinsed 2-yr anniversary w/ egyptrixx, braille – brooklyn

Ultrademon’s Internet Cult Mix

the latest weird magic mix comes from the original #seapunk and coral records founder himself, ultrademon, providing an exclusive first listen to his newest productions.

“dark nights, dusky maidens, future raves, full moon beach parties, desert stars, vine hung horizons, industrial wastelands, cyberspace djs, mecha demon magic, ethnobotanical basslines, dark crystal messiahs, teen anime love stories, stinging auras, fungal fantasy house, nautical elves, and voidic charms.”

Ultrademon – Internet Cult Mix

Viral Intro – Ultrademon
Chatroom With Enya (Internet Cult Mix) – Ultrademon
Heatstroke (Featuring TSARS) – Ultrademon
Flash 1.0 – Ultrademon
Drive U Crazy (Extended Mix) – Ultrademon
Power Ov (Ultrademon’s Remix) – Lao
Goonchie Blunch – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Bend – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Loki – Ultrademon
Time (Ultrademon’s Soft Touch Remix) – Buck Uk


If I have created a world for you, in your place,
God, you had to come to it confident,
and you have come to it, to my refuge,
because my whole world was nothing but my hope.

[link removed]


guest mixes and photos: massacooramaan, hollagramz, @lilinternet, rizzla+blk.adonis, dj mark brown

thx to everyone who came out friday, s!ck, spencers gifs and to all the amazingly talented performers. these people really understand modern dance music, and we’ve got recordings to prove it. jam live guest mixes from all the artists below, with photos from the night after the jump or on facebook.

the next one gonna be even crazier .. stay tuned for announcements>>>

live @ weird magic x specers gifs x s!ck:
massacooramaan – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
hollagramz – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
rizzla b2b blk. adonis – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012
dj mark brown – Live @ Santa’s 1/27/2012



clams casino
realist alive
all i need
leaf (asap rocky prod)

streetz tonight
electronic dream
+ dozens (hundreds?) we’ll never hear

marvin’s room
over my dead body
take care

john maus
quantum leap
we must become the pitiless censors of ourselves

oneohtrix point never
sleep dealer
the wire mix

asap rocky
purple swag

huerco s.
battery tunnel
all night
various mixes
various on soundcloud

dj rashad
heaven sent (w/ gant man)
+ everything else

fatima al qadiri
d medley
vatican vibes
fact mix

julianna barwick
the magic place
“prizewinning” (prince rama remix)

real estate

peaking lights
“tiger eyes”

jamie xx
we’re new here (w/ gil scott-heron)
drake “take care” production
everything else

lana del rey
video games

ras g & the alkebulan space programspace bass is the place

holy other
yr love
with u

elite gymnastics
h e r e , i n h e a v e n 2
ruin 2xlp

the weekndthe trilogy

main attrakionz808s and dark grapes

kurt vile
baby’s arms
smoke ring for my halo venus/ghe20 gothik
opening ceremony mix

pure x

hymn eola
hymn eola acapella
ancient hill

massive attack & burial four walls

corvalis (teen daze rmx)

run dmt
cash for gold

bad vibes
burial “shell of light” rmx

om sourceenergy


sleep overstickers

friendsi’m his girl

monster rally
cuban velvet

dark sky
high risekelis “brave” remix

panda bearalsatian darn

various on soundcloud

james ferraro
far side virtual
every interview, live performance, tweet


tim hecker – all

kassem mosse – all

gang gang danceeye contact


dj mike q

+ tracks and mixes

supreme cuts

hollagramz – all


chris brown f. busta rhymes & lil wayne – “look at me now”
ital – “ital’s theme”
blawan – “getting me down”
massacooramaan – massacooramaan theme
munchi – “hope”
vophoniq – “welcome”
free spirit – “the event”
inc – “heart crimes”
the field – “is this power”
blondes – “synthesist”
bjork – “crystalline” (omar souleyman remix)
afrika hitech – “out in the streets”
coyote clean up – “you x won’t x know”
s.a.m. – beat 07
white mountains – “spectra”
octo octa – “let me see you”
braille – “the year 3000″
new edition – “a little bit of love” (brenmar remix)
bok bok – “charisma theme”
dakota – “we at the mall”

isn’t it all so beautiful?

summer music memories

all photos by erez avissar.
also check out last year’s roundup: 100 summer clicks.


pure x interview + video + photos from brooklyn w/ forma and eola

hot on the heels of their new record, pleasure [listen here], pure x stopped through brooklyn earlier this month to bring their warmth and fuzziness to the last bobka show, a sweaty, ecstatic night. great to see so many people getting stoked on this band lately, and live in the flesh it’s easy to see why — they’re tapping into something deeper than we may know.

here’s a look inside the walls that night, “stuck livin” launching right into “surface”:

brooklyn writer/videographer mark craig also spliced in bits of my footage of “easy” and “dry ice” into this interview he captured with the band backstage that night:

more photos from the night, including tonstartssbandht and forma (not pictured: run dmt) after the jump.

photos by joe talman / thx elise for the cam assist


phillip beretta’s july 2011 dj chart

real talk: this isn’t my “actual” “chart” for “djing.” i’m sorry, but if certain european dance labels, not naming names (cough cough bpitch control crosstown rebels ostgut ton), would step up their getting-320s-to-german-pirates-to-put-on-youtube game, this might be a more complete picture of what i’ve actually listened to this month (besides 90s big beat britpop remixes and bjork singles on repeat). i’m not all that sorry, though, because if you really wanted to nerd out over that kind of music, you’d already be in a soulseek chat room; let’s do this

did i ever tell you guys about my “ambient hotties” prediction for 2011-12? serious noise heartthrobs, justin bieber putting out hand-screened 7″s, hearts of space / tiger beat crossover, oceans of sound as vast as the impossibility of teenage desire?

Demos by Goitia Deitz

is there a more concise name for that thing where you don’t care about whatever mutant-rhythm uk a-side with pitched vocals and warped samples and blah blah blah is out this week on xyz dance darling imprint, but wow, the big dumb banger on the flip side, it’s so good, and anyway, what is this, a starbucks? fuck you nerds, i want TECHNO

speaking of techno, i always thought of this as “drone shit that some of my friends like to take synthetic hallucinogens to” until i left it playing in a youtube tab in the background while listening to the new cari lekebusch, and now it’s “drone shit that makes even recent cari lekebusch records interesting.” someone reissued something else she did this week (look it up), which is good, because goddamn if cari lekebusch doesn’t have a new release out just about every time i log into beatport

by the way, i still love you, cari

(cari lekebusch, 1994, just saying)

when my friends send me stuff that sounds like it’s coming from another room, i pretend they’re next door listening to the real record

(via @AcephaleRecords)

i like this and everything but i don’t have any comment because “talking about rap on the internet” is best left to 2 groups of people: lifelong experts and clueless assholes

(via @tbaybj)

balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab has made us a mix inspired by our mother earth. take it outside on your mobile audio device, preferably in the early morning or late in the night, and dream out…


1. chubby wolf – anneal this chord of bliss
2. inca ore – always happy
3. josephine foster – birdo
4. nico – little sister
5. vashti bunyan – glow worms
6. grouper – come softly
7. portishead – deep water

portraits: balam acab + “oh, why” mp3

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic

british beat alchemist chris owen (ornine) creates some sublimely raw, mutant juke that has swirled our brains around since discovering him recently. intrigued to hear what’s behind these strange creations, ornine melded this for us, his first mix.

in his words:
“as for notes, these notes from a talk by Bruce Sterling on the state of the future have been on my mind, tried to capture this flux between clouds of ungrounded trance and flashes of mania, and how that reflects increasing social instability and evaporating ideology… built between the dancefloor and the net. ”

Dread Euphoria Mix for Weird Magic by ornine

ornine – dread euphoria mix for weird magic


Ornine – Horselover (synth)
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
Skillz – Talk of the Town
DJ NG feat Baby Kate – Tell Me What It Is
Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
Vybz Kartel/Zomby – Mi Fi Gi Yuh Love/Digital Fauna (Ornine Edit)
Mariah Carey – My All (DEA Remix)
Hieroglyphic Being – A Visitor from Someone Elses Memories
Moderat – Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)
Dem Hunger – Mosque Vibrations
Anthony Manning – Liquid Quartz 1
Oneohtrix Point Never – Betrayed in the Octagon [ed. note: this part is sick]
Zomby – Rumours and Revelations
The Mover – Last Breath of the Homelands
Maluca – Jungle Violento (Zak-Matik Remix)
Boylan – No Cryin
Darkstar – Ostkreuz
DJ Spooky – Cream Crackers
Marshall Masters – Return To Zero
David Bowie – Crystal Japan

previously: rah justify – true south (ornine remix)

guest playlist: grimes

guest playlist: grimes

we asked claire/grimes, author of some of the most hauntingly beautiful music in recent memory, what she’s been listening to lately, and her picks show inspiration coming from some very diverse places:

grimes – weird magic mix. (download as zip)

01. Prince – Computer blue
02. Hamza – Wassila
03. Doldrums – thinking of this snippet
04. Katy B – Louder
05. Blue Hawaii – Dream Electrixra
06. Seany Mac – One of Those Days
07. Tadeo – Bateria Lup!
08. Aretha Franklin – I say a Little Prayer

grimes’ split w/ d’eon is out today on hippos in tanks / arbutus records: buy here or stream the full thing below. her glorious halfaxa lp still available for your chosen price. both include “vanessa,” check the self-directed video below. grimes’ current live set consists of all-new material and the last few times we’ve seen her (incl. at our own sxsw show) we’ve been blown away by the new stuff. what a talented lady.

Grimes – Vanessa on Vimeo.

edit: stream the full darkbloom ep, thanks to hippos in tanks:
d’Eon / Grimes – Darkbloom by Hippos In Tanks

magic mountain: weird magic mix

magic mountain: weird magic mix

harry bornstein b.k.a. magic mountain is one of the most promising new electronic musicians in new york. since emerging last summer with the incredibly strong pairing of “plains” / “one for my ego,” he has been at work prepping both his debut e.p. and new single “mae” set to drop next week, in addition to playing out and remixing. harry stopped by our radio show recently to live-stitch a selection of his current favorite music coming out of the uk:

magic mountain – weird magic mix

note: we had to rip this from the radio broadcast and the quality is not up to our usual standard. apologies for the lo-fi-ness.

1. S-X- Take TIme Instrumental
2. P2J- Miss You
3. C.R.S.T. THe Bells (Girl Unt Remix)
4. Ramadanman- Work Them
5. Redlight- MDMA
6. Dark0- Hyli
7. S-X- Woo RIddim (DJ Q Remix)
8. Optimum- Light Year
9. J.O.H- J.O.H. is a ten

[more magic mountain]
[magic mountain soundcloud]

magic mountain’s new single “mae” drops april 12 on the pop manifesto.