goitia deitz remixed

i think this is a really great and worthwhile release for a lot of reasons – but it’s nice out today, and besides, i’m not in a proselytic mood

this exists; now you know


rebolledo – playground mix

rebolledo – playground mix

crucial skill #1, as far as i can tell, for music blogging: coming up with a punchy, marginally descriptive, and effusive sentence or two to attach to a lazy repost from another blog. let it be known, dear reader, that i will more often than not fail to so deliver the obligatory accompanying objective critical commentary, but –

here is an awesome mix from comeme‘s rebolledo (sometime collaborator and subject matter of transcontinental dreamboat eccentric matias aguayo, self-proclaimed super vato, superpitcher’s bandmate and label partner, and overall certified freak techno badass), courtesy of playground. as for sentence two: fuck your retarded concept of What Cool Weird Dance Music Is In 2012 if it includes any consideration of certain insufferable, forced “classic house revival” poseurs (acting like they’ve discovered a new world, bearing audio smallpox blankets disguised as criminally dull 12″ records – well, at least it’s not infectious) and misses actual one-of-a-kind, here-and-now, and totally sincere dance music personalities; la lucha sigue and don’t you forget it

via playground (yesterday: rebolledo’s 10 favorite peppers with boots to match)

xoxo gossip girl

absolutely dreams

by phillip

new 2012 revelations from our favorite sexy bearded miracle worker, initials J.C.

SHAMS on soundcloud

TOP8 mix for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい


here’s a new mix from our internet crushes TOP8 for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい tonight. they can’t be with us IRL, but sent this over from montreal (9 hours ago via web)

rez & i will be playing the hits 2nite at the morgan with LF Wind (@teengirlfantasy), Sasha Desree (#DESREESLOUNGE), @Shock_Diamond, & Emilie Friedlander (@alteredzones); @ryder_ripps (dump.fm/@okfocus) & @amycakesDD will be providing virtual and analog makeovers, respectively – but if you’re not in nyc, you can always call (/text/skype/myspace/second life IM) a friend and get pretty at home to this mix

phillip beretta’s august dj chart

phillip beretta’s august dj chart

“it’s six months, six months, six months. it’s not something you do for a great future.”
-karl lagerfeld, on music blogging

another trend in popular culture, another end-of-history treatment in a major art/culture publication: cory arcangel writes on the emerging euro-trance influence on chart pop in artforum. from a functional standpoint, i love the emerging euro-trance influence on chart pop, because all you have to do is speed it up to 170-175 bpm to make “happy softcore” on the fly:


“Why? More important, why now?” asks arcangel. one possible answer is the cyclicality of novelty expressed in the substance of the universe itself, the referentiality intrinsic to physical existence, as manifested over the airwaves and through the noosphere at large:


a second explanation, equally plausible, and potentially more readily adopted among the linear historical narratives often favored by the critical establishment, is a broad cultural regression to the mean, the constant correction by which society’s concept of expression on the whole grows to more closely resemble the artistic vision of t.A.T.u.:


the present exercise, charting dj tracks at a particular moment in time for others to see, or more specifically, picking relatively recent youtube clips to put on a blog, or more generally, participating in the sisyphean pop hype death drive at large (a.k.a. “keeping up with music,” or “talking critically about art created for popular consumption”), typically entails lazy or shortsighted static analysis at best, and cynical, self-aware swing trading at worst. that’s just the inevitable effect of blogging with the specific intent to introduce new music, or reading blogs with the specific intent to discover new music – a functionally consumerist hunger for novelty masquerading as pursuing the next major artistic development, testing an artificial frontier in a world of incredible historical surplus of product:


phillip beretta’s july 2011 dj chart

real talk: this isn’t my “actual” “chart” for “djing.” i’m sorry, but if certain european dance labels, not naming names (cough cough bpitch control crosstown rebels ostgut ton), would step up their getting-320s-to-german-pirates-to-put-on-youtube game, this might be a more complete picture of what i’ve actually listened to this month (besides 90s big beat britpop remixes and bjork singles on repeat). i’m not all that sorry, though, because if you really wanted to nerd out over that kind of music, you’d already be in a soulseek chat room; let’s do this

did i ever tell you guys about my “ambient hotties” prediction for 2011-12? serious noise heartthrobs, justin bieber putting out hand-screened 7″s, hearts of space / tiger beat crossover, oceans of sound as vast as the impossibility of teenage desire?

Demos by Goitia Deitz

is there a more concise name for that thing where you don’t care about whatever mutant-rhythm uk a-side with pitched vocals and warped samples and blah blah blah is out this week on xyz dance darling imprint, but wow, the big dumb banger on the flip side, it’s so good, and anyway, what is this, a starbucks? fuck you nerds, i want TECHNO

speaking of techno, i always thought of this as “drone shit that some of my friends like to take synthetic hallucinogens to” until i left it playing in a youtube tab in the background while listening to the new cari lekebusch, and now it’s “drone shit that makes even recent cari lekebusch records interesting.” someone reissued something else she did this week (look it up), which is good, because goddamn if cari lekebusch doesn’t have a new release out just about every time i log into beatport

by the way, i still love you, cari

(cari lekebusch, 1994, just saying)

when my friends send me stuff that sounds like it’s coming from another room, i pretend they’re next door listening to the real record

(via @AcephaleRecords)

i like this and everything but i don’t have any comment because “talking about rap on the internet” is best left to 2 groups of people: lifelong experts and clueless assholes

(via @tbaybj)

phillip beretta’s june 2011 dj chart

phillip beretta’s june 2011 dj chart

“i hate and distrust all art historians, experts and critics. they are a bunch of parasites, feeding on the body of art. their work is not only useless, it is misleading. they say nothing worth listening to about art or the artist, aside from personal gossip – which i grant you can sometimes be interesting”

-mark rothko, on music blogging

anyway my new thing is only listening to youtube music by teenagers, whatever berghain or latin superjam boomkat tells me to buy, and really “lush” cd-r’s by crusty noise dudes, so this has actually been a pretty good month for me so far.

here is one of my favorite new “blogdrone” / “ambient footwork” / “tumblr house” recordings

i feel like matias aguayo could really successfully cross over into the avant-garde world of bearded men talking into a microphone over repetitive tracks

(out on kompakt now? right? google it)

okay, so maybe file this under “fucking duh,” but i don’t know if anything else counts as music anymore. is that hyperbolic enough? i’m new at indie blogging, leave tips in the comments

subversive subcultures take on interesting and subtle forms under repressive regimes, and this all-girl cover of flipper’s “ha ha ha” is a good example of the nascent chinese bay area punk revival scene

(via beta librae)

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