Earthly: Mix & Interview [Moogfest Edition]

Pic by Erez Avissar/Weird Magic

We have teamed up with Moogfest to bring you an exclusive mix by Earthly, fresh off playing the festival. Earthly is Edaan and Brint from North Carolina. Their debut LP, Days (Noumenal Loom) LP, announced their arrival last year, earning praise for their imaginative, trippy sample work that they mold and paint into a strange kind of pure sonic expression.

Edaan and I met through Animal Collective, and though Earthly comes from another sonic planet, what’s similar to me is their evocation of childlike playfulness/freedom. Edaan works for Red Eye, runs the label Break World (Teengirl Fantasy, Elysia Crampton, Goth Money) and seems to treat all strains of music with equal seriousness. Thusly, this mix is an incredibly diverse and creative suite in rapid-fire succession, held together with thoughtful interludes and found sounds. Including several stops in Japan, classical composers like Satie to syruppy rap and ending it all on a spiritual note with Alice Coltrane, they manage to make it all work.

We asked Edaan and Brint a few qs about the mix and their process.

What you guys up to?

E: Cooling listening to Rihanna a lot. Last weekend was Savage Weekend which was truly incredible. Prepping for our show. Trying to eat healthy.

Any particular narrative or theme for this mix?

E: We wanted to present various different types of synthesis. I don’t know how many Moog synthesizers are on tracks on this mix, but I kind of tried to approach it showing what perhaps came after and was a result of the Moog synth. Lots of computer music on here. The computer is the most powerful synthesizer. You heard that here first. And with most mixes I ever make, always try to represent a romantic sense of life. Also shouts out to Wendy Carlos, you are an incredible inspiration. <3 <3 <3 B: i wanted it to feel kinda like a studio tour or like a museum of the exciting things that synthesizers have brought to music. The mix to me, with the quick cuts, sounds like flipping through radio stations, or like Dilla’s Donuts..

E: Dilla is a hero. I love quick cuts. Sometimes can create more powerful drama in a mix. And when done right can be the most satisfying. We have a couple tracks we made that we put on here. 15 Green is one that we put on there, and that track was created to represent an album teaser to an album which will never come out. We flipped between demos we had started but never finished. Adds another 15 moods to the mix in approximately 3 and a half minutes.

B: I think that quick cut idea is fun, espcially with a mix that isnt so dance oriented, also let’s me be more free with what parts of songs i want to point out etc… also, since the mix is kinda varied it made it easy show how so many innovative artists are influenced by the machines/whats available to them/time and space.

Songwriting process?

E: Really hard to put my finger on this one. Songs can start in many different ways, but in the end it involves a ton of discussion, deletion, dissection to get to where it feels like whatever melody, rhythm, texture, has always existed. Finding that permanence is really important.
B: yeah, i feel like it totally changes time to time. but for a good example, i like to go in with an idea like “country song” or something really specific and see what i can dig out of myself and my abilities to replicate something I’ve been interested in or researching. I like to think of melody a lot too, most of the time i’ll see what starts to pop into my head after ive improvised a catchy little tune that doesn’t tire me out on loop

Particular musical aspirations, or messages you are communicating?

The music represents the hum*n struggle to find balance between the light and dark. We are beautiful and ugly and incredibly kind and harsh and often whether we are aware or not, are navigating the spectrum of good and evil. We are pulled in many directions. I think our sound is most inspired by navigating that. We’re both sensitive emotional people, I think that comes across. Aspiration wise, I’d love to see more of the world, and to continue to challenge myself.

Whats your main source of sample material?

E. Samples come from anywhere. Lately for live performances and new recordings I’ve been sampling ASMR videos in order to get really crisp sounding rhythms and textures. Really adds something erie to the mix. Weirdly familiar and subliminal.

B: lately i’ve been playing more guitar and running it through max for live and learning how to sample that.

Any particular samples on the record that come to mind as a fav or that nobody would ever guess?

E: On Pure In Between we were recording the sound of the room and Brint Slammed the door to the studio without realizing we were still tracking. It sounded so good we kept it and looped it, and it kinda became a bass part in the track.
B: on the new stuff i’m really into all the different file bit rates and VST’s we were using. Like mixing Youtube Rips with real crispy clean VST’s. The mix of all these textures make me feel like i’m in some weird thrift store or pawn shop or something.

What are you into lately?

E: Chula, Rihanna, Via App, Elysia Crampton, Misha, Chino Amobi, everyone on NON, Young Thug, Doom Asylum, Dej Loaf, Drake, Goth Money, Foodman, DJ NFox, Gaika, DJ Paypal, Murdermart, Karl Raymar

B: Been into the new El Guincho record, a tribe called quest, and Skip Spence recently

What’s next?

E: We are working on a second album.

Last words

E: Rezzie you are a positive force, much love!

B: Same!

Aw guys. Right back at you.


Earthly – Car Wash
Chip E – Time to Jack x Fennesz + Sakamoto – oto
Dj Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues
Art of Noise – Paranoimia
Black Kray – Codein Tears in Her Fanta [prod. by Loudmouf Gang]
Nidia Minaj – Sentimentos
Art of Noise – Snapshot
Erik Satie – Descriptions Automatique
Earthly – 15. Green
Apogee & Perogee – Professor Persec
Aphex Twin – Lichen
El Guincho – Muchos Boys
Yasuaki Shimizu – Seiko 1
Shiner – Mags
Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud 2
Oneohtrix Point Never – Undercover Firefighter
Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – Rama Ramaya – Krishna Krishnaya

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