Today is the day WEIRD MAGIC opens up a new portal in this dimension, PURPLE TRAX. PURPLE TRAX is a new label focusing on independent, experimental music that wouldn’t otherwise get properly released. Check out our intro video:

our Kickstarter video.

We’ve already got some killer releases lined up for this year, but first we’re kicking things off with a compilation featuring special handpicked tracks from some new artists as well as a few of our faves. You can listen to the entire thing now, below.

We have launched a Kickstarter to help us pay for the printing of the compilation, the launch party, and to get us on our feet basically. Any donations much appreciated, and we’re offering some great, very tangible rewards.

Listen to the comp here:

We’ve got a busy year ahead!

Purple Trax Volume 1 Compilation:
Huerco S, Via App, Traxman, Rivka, Terekke, Far Out Far Out, Sasha Jan Rezzie, Joe P, Logan Takahashi, Aurora Halal, Sasha Desree

EPs/12″s by:
• 12″: Wabi Sabi (Terekke, Jan, Rezzie)
• 12″: Sasha Jan Rezzie (two tracks avail now: All My Dreams / Play Infinite)
• Far Out Far Out
• Joe Jones
+ more

Purple Trax Singles Series:
• Beta Librae
• Far Out Far Out
• Sasha Desree
• Jan Woo
• Terekke
• Samantha Urbani
• Xhosa
+ more

More soon. Read some personal stories about each of the tracks in the compilation, below.


01. Huerco S. – Battery Tunnel

Featuring an unexpected recontextualization of Ginuwine’s “In Those Jeans”, this was the first track I heard by Huerco S. and the first one I became obsessed with. This was back when Brian/Huerco was 19, living in Kansas and completely unknown. Three years later, it just had to be done.

02. Via App – Exit The Wizard

After having my brain scrambled upon seeing her live for the first time, I found the live recording online and found myself listening over and over. She offered up the track for release and served as motivation for finally getting the comp and label together. 48 hours later and the comp was nearly complete.

03. RIVKA – Sweet Talk

RIVKA submitted music in the blog’s early days so it was cool to ask her to release years later. We heard this one in her “Transparency” video at a friend’s gallery show, and then a few weeks later when it was played on the club system during the Bushwick Gone Basel party. I had forgotten what it was at the time – something classic? It was amazing to see its hypnotizing effect on the party, a quality it seems to take everywhere it goes.

04. Far Out Far Out

Far Out was introduced to me by Jan Woo, and we were amazed at how few plays these amazing tracks had on Soundcloud. I immediately contacted him about releasing music, even though I hadn’t had a label yet. It seems the man is constantly uploading fresh, immaculately-produced tracks that more people need to hear, and we look forward to working with him more.

05. Terekke – Amaze (Live)

Captured at our Berlin sendoff party. We recorded all the sets off the mixer and were deflated to find out that all of them sounded staticy and muffed-out, but for some reason, the Terekke one sounded just right. Sure enough he uploaded it to his Soundcloud and it seemed many of us were jamming that recording for a while, I know I played it out. And it was clear that there was something special about the first track. He went on to release it on LIES and it became his biggest track probably, yet the one released is practically the opposite in vibe: I see the LIES version is an exercise in restraint, while this one just GIVES it. Both are awesome.

06. Sasha Jan Rezzie – All My Dreams

I had wanted to sample the original track “I’ll Never Cry For Another Boy”, her singing is so beautiful and real. So I played it for Sasha and we made the track, and a new project was born.

07. Joe Jones – Did I?

Joe and I used to work together, and he would play me the most amazing next-level beats. His stuff sounds just as good as the beat legends in my opinion, but he never really put stuff out. This track in particular stuck with me.

08. Logan Takahashi – Orb O

Logan of Teengirl Fantasy plays solo intermittently, and this track has always grabbed our attention live and been a personal favorite. Very honored to be releasing his solo material for the first time, and hoping to hear and drop much more.

09. Aurora Halal – Transient

One of our favorite Aurora tracks, so we’re very psyched to put it out and save it from obscurity. Dancefloor ready and sounding like a new incarnation of Drexciya (a very good thing). Obviously, Aurora is one of the baddest people on the planet, and she’s very busy working on many awesome things including a label of her own, so thanks Aurora for letting us drop this.

10. Beta Librae – Birdi

Beta Librae is an inspiring human and awesome dj who regularly spins @ Bossa Nova, but only recently began playing live and making music. We caught her for the first time at that awesome Discwoman party we told you about, and this track immediately struck me with its deep vibe. Returning home and listening over and over to the recording, I asked her if I could release it and she sent over the recording, simply titled “first track.wav” – I had no idea it was her first recording! An auspicious beginning, to say the least.

11. Traxman – See Da Lite

This track got somehow dumped on my computer in a file swap. It seemed like a perfect fit for the comp – with its apt lyrics, “trax”, etc… plus, it’s good to include a veteran in the comp, and a bit of that Chicago juke that we (all) love. Thanks Traxman for letting us put out this awesome track.

12. Sasha Desree – Other Side Of Love

One of my favorite songs, this is, IMO, the closest Sasha Desree has come to his idol Sade. This one is so beautiful but still hasn’t been properly recorded-hopefully soon. I felt it might even be too much for the comp, so this live phone recording will have to tide us over for now.

Thank you for glistening! Got so much more we can’t wait to share with you.

Stay up on PURPLE TRAX:

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