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Our man Masa the Vibe Masta takes the helm for the latest edition. Formerly on staff at Japan’s legendary WOMB club, he made the move to New York two years ago to pursue his passion for house music. His club night at Bossa Nova, Down By Low, has managed to book the elusive Galcher Lustwerk, have dibs on Terekke when he comes to town, and bring Specter out for his first New York show, as well as inspiring Resident Advisor to wax poetic about Bossa as a whole.

Like any Vibe Masta, Masa understands the importance of pacing, and the early moments of the mix recall his opening dj sets, with ambient and beatless landscapes, before entering grittier and rawer territory. Check it out and read our candid conversation, below.

Tell us about your life.
I was born in Osaka then grew up in Yokohama.
My life changed when I started to work at a nightclub – Womb in Tokyo – at 21.

What did you do there?
I did everything.. clean stuff, and did a party too, dj… I started on small parties.. actually with Drome Grunge.

Party was getting better little by little… working there was really tough, hard work.
On weekends I started working on Friday night til Sunday midnight. Not that straight, but… they had live stuff too, and open all night. So I crashed at the club or friend’s place near by.
Working there was so fun though and made a lot of friends!
so it’s good memory now.
And so… I got ¥ and decided to move to New York.

What made you decide on NY?
To grow musically.
I really like house music. It made me come here to grow up with the music scene.
Had to feel by myself.

How long you here for?
I have been here for two years.

And then you go back for sure?
I don’t know… Figuring it out.

Plans for that time?
Down by Low, my party at Bossa Nova, is the main focus. And getting more dj gigs.

Who have you hosted?
Terekke, Huerco, Galcher, Alvin Aronson, Joey Anderson, Specter, JM De Frias, Marcos Cabral, A.Arias…

House music has always been your focus?
I used to listen to trance and psychedelic trance.

You still jam that?
No. Haha
I went to rave parties at that time.
It’s beginning into party for me.

What was your perception of the NY scene?
I found good labels like LIES, Future Times, Opal Tapes etc and it was really fresh for me.. really new, I had to dig it..
I couldn’t have a chance to listen to this stuff when I was in Japan.

Who you into now?
For house music.. Terekke, Huerco S., Nummer and Drome Grunge.
I like to dig weird ambient music too.

Highlights from your career so far?
Since I came to New York, I found influence.
The Loft, Dope Jams, The bunker, Mutual Dreaming, Weird Magic, Confused House etc…

When I’m djing, very glad to see people dancing. So always trying that.

Coolest things done as a dj?
Party at Bossa with Joey Anderson and Specter… biggest party of my life. And as a dj, I loved the party at Bodii with Patricia, Bookworms and Entro… you were there.
Is that the one from the sexy photo [featured in this post]?
Yeah, yeah. [laughs]
Yeah, baby.

Will continue a proper party!



1, Lilya – Lumisokea
2, You concrete – Lee Gamble
3, a midsummer night’s dream – Titania mix
4, New From Near Future(no hay nada Nuevo en el futuro’ Madteo Remix)
5, K – Florian Kupfer
6, Untitled – H.S.
7, Untitled – Rasselbande house mean Remix
8, Walting For Alexis – Patricia
9, 33ml – Bleaching Agent
10, Technicals – Hakim Murphy
11, Closed – Baaz
12, Untitled – Schweiz Rec.
13, Wind Walkers – Aybee
14, Before Dawn – DJ DUKE
15, Never In Doubt – Zennor
16, Arise – Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir


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