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Our 4-yr anniversary mix series continues with xorzyzt’s URLxUSA tour mix.

WEIRD MAGIC Mix Series: xorzyzt_mixURLxUSA_2K14 by Weirdmagic on Mixcloud

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Brandon Rosenbluth aka xorzyzt, a well-known and pervasive force in Berlin’s dark underworld, is a busy man —- producing events, djing and touring alongside BlackBlackGold and Tom Ass as UnReaL; playing in bands reliq and Shaddah Tuum; booking European tours for littlebig Agency; engaging in video and performance art of the ‘metaphysical, shamanistic thread’; all while launching two new labels: Portals Editions (with Niko Shaddah Lfo, Ketev, and Marijn Degenaar), and UnReaL Audio, which just saw its first release with Born in Flamez. During our stay in Berlin last year, we caught him djing Stattbad & playing with his band at Berghain within our first few nights, and he remained a constant presence from there, throwing parties featuring House of Ladosha, ITAL, Stellar Om Source, and Light Asylum, to name a few.

Hot on the heels of a US tour (including a stop at our beloved Bossa Nova), this is the set he put together and fine tuned on the road: “In my signature style, I’ve consistently layered a number of tracks on top of one another including layers of drones and ambience in order to create an impenetrable wall of body-obliterating techno bliss.” From the first whispers of “what am i doing here?” we knew we were in for a ride, and as expected, this mix perfectly demonstrates his ability to drag you through the darkest corners of hell and still leave you gasping for more.

Brandon’s new project Shaddah Tuum’s EP dropped last week on his label Portals Editions, you can have a listen here.

What Am I Doing Here (G.O.D. Remix) -­ Sudden Infant
Blood on The Controls (Whirling Hall of Knives remix#2) -­ Valved
Halt Sex Mi ­- ASSS
Kino­I (Mix) ­- An­i feat. Lee Douglas
Tuesday’s March -­ Blawan
Stasi Flex (Homme Plus) ­- Hound Scales
NYC -­ Boothroyd
Ganymede (Perc Remix) -­ Truss
Artificial Weather ­- Lakker
Chua Rave (Regis Mix) -­ Russel Haswell / Regis
Pattern of Penetration -­ Damien Dubrovnik
The Key -­ Violet Poison
Sentry -­ JoeFarr
Forever Your Girl ­- Perc & Truss
Qing Shao Nian Nuo Zha (Hound Scales Hunger Chains Mix) -­ Handsome Head
Age of Iron -­ Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx)
Black Snake -­ Talker
All Our Beasts ­- Soft As Snow
Paint It Black -­ Samuel Kerridge
Nothing Ever ­- SSSS
Spikes ­- Ingen & Boris Noiz
Splinter -­ BMB (British Murder Boys)
A Black Egg ­- Trepaneringsritualen
Past Majesty -­ Demdike Stare
Beacon (MPIA3 Definition) ­- Truss
Kali -­ Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx)
Rexd -­ Somaticae
On Your Life ­- JoeFarr
Notch -­ Haf Haf
That Horn Track -­ Untold
Torr Vale -­ Akkord
DMT Usher -­ Fis
Profusion I -­ Black Rain feat. Zoe Zanias

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