foto: cam’ron / dj rashad / riff raff / drop the lime secret show in chinatown

photos by erez avissar. gallery below or on facebook.


foto: grimes / diiv / wild nothing / riff raff ++

all photos by erez avissar. view below or on facebook.



holy other – held. one of the albums of the year.

submerge – the ritual

rashad manny spinn – do it again

lol boys – porteils

throwing snow – pyre

burial & four tet – nova

rashad & manny – ooh baby

how to dress well – cold nites

mykki blanco – wavvy vid

sts9 – when the dust settles

nas – we are one

mala – stand against war

vid: cole from diiv interviews his biggest fan

standing outside after the diiv/grimes show, diiv’s most famous fan was professing his love for the band when cole (the singer) popped up. randomly i suggested he interview his fan and then this happened. soon after this, young jason ended up getting interviewed by alan palomo, ryan schreiber, dustin payseur, and cassie ramone (maybe i’ll post those later). weird magic: making dreams come true.

lamin fofana’s “pleasure” mix (nsfw) + new ep announcement

seems like every other day, i’m offered an amazing mix/album to feature here, and this one no exception. an obscure, psychedelic ride from the masterful lamin fofana, who’s consistently impressed me with his productions, djing, mixes, human presence, and now he’s about to begin playing live shows (and will be playing one of our brooklyn events next month, deets to come). safe to say, this man is the truth.

lamin fofana – “pleasure”

John Cage, Nia Long, Head Boggle, Hype Williams, Samuel R. Delany, Gianna, Friday, Sigmund Freud, Egisto Macchi, LeeTV, Netflix, blue movies, Lemon, IDK, Immanuel Kant.

lamin’s next offering is the africans are real ep, due out on dutty artz on october 2nd.
details below:


teengirl fantasy portraits (& new tracks)

snapped some pics of the sweetest dudes the world has ever known, @logan_t_ and @nightfeelings, in anticipation of their new record, tracer, out on the 21st.

there’s already two tracks from the record available for stream, attached below. i also love the panda bear and romanthony (daft punk) cameos.

big ups! <3

..and bonus throwback: one of the best tracks ever! “CHEATERS”.


TMRW NITE! it’s going down.

**our special guest for tonight’s #SICK_MAGIC: elite gymnastics !! o wait…. there’s another guest too… WHO COULD IT BE??

[ rsvp ]


Ultrademon’s Internet Cult Mix

the latest weird magic mix comes from the original #seapunk and coral records founder himself, ultrademon, providing an exclusive first listen to his newest productions.

“dark nights, dusky maidens, future raves, full moon beach parties, desert stars, vine hung horizons, industrial wastelands, cyberspace djs, mecha demon magic, ethnobotanical basslines, dark crystal messiahs, teen anime love stories, stinging auras, fungal fantasy house, nautical elves, and voidic charms.”

Ultrademon – Internet Cult Mix

Viral Intro – Ultrademon
Chatroom With Enya (Internet Cult Mix) – Ultrademon
Heatstroke (Featuring TSARS) – Ultrademon
Flash 1.0 – Ultrademon
Drive U Crazy (Extended Mix) – Ultrademon
Power Ov (Ultrademon’s Remix) – Lao
Goonchie Blunch – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Bend – Ultrademon [Forthcoming Midnight Shift]
Loki – Ultrademon
Time (Ultrademon’s Soft Touch Remix) – Buck Uk