just cuz we were a bit more quiet around here for a while, don’t think we stopped listening. arca is one of the hardest-working and most exciting producers in new york right now, one of the brightest talents on uno‘s bustling roster, and going to be producing tracks for all your favorite vocalists soon.

new one “manners” is an emotional stunner. #feelings

Arca – Manners

“little now a lot” is pretty mind-boggling, completely switching up at :50. this one is off baron libre which was a free uno giveaway for a time before the page was replaced with a new release – today’s equivalent of going out of print?

Arca – Little Now A Lot

there’s also an appropriately funny/twisted music video for “ass swung low”

stretch 2 will drop august 6th via uno.

:: arca soundcloud

catch arca at our party, dreams 3.0 in brooklyn on 7.29, alongside pictureplane, grimes, and myself.

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