foto/video: DREAMS 3.0 f/ grimes / araabmuzik / pictureplane / asap rocky / arca / rezzie

our party sunday was a DREAM // beautiful night. thank you grimes, pictureplane, araabmuzik, asap, arca, 285 kent and the fam. to many more….

photo, video, party by weird magic/erez avissar. video and gallery below.

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foto: PUPPYGANG #2 w/ Sepalcure / Machinedrum / Rashad / Spinn / MikeQ+

amazing times and thanks to the ghettotekz for coming through last minute and keeping us juking through the sunrise.

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photos by erez avissar. gallery below.

teeth – percolator meme

Teeth – Percolator Meme

is there a word for this type of beat/rhythm? i can’t get enough of it! dancing.

this whole ep sounds great… sound pellegrino going there.

[ via louisahhh's new mix ]


just cuz we were a bit more quiet around here for a while, don’t think we stopped listening. arca is one of the hardest-working and most exciting producers in new york right now, one of the brightest talents on uno‘s bustling roster, and going to be producing tracks for all your favorite vocalists soon.

new one “manners” is an emotional stunner. #feelings

Arca – Manners

“little now a lot” is pretty mind-boggling, completely switching up at :50. this one is off baron libre which was a free uno giveaway for a time before the page was replaced with a new release – today’s equivalent of going out of print?

Arca – Little Now A Lot

there’s also an appropriately funny/twisted music video for “ass swung low”

stretch 2 will drop august 6th via uno.

:: arca soundcloud

catch arca at our party, dreams 3.0 in brooklyn on 7.29, alongside pictureplane, grimes, and myself.

boiler room nyc

all photos by erez avissar.


pitchfork 2012

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all photos by erez avissar. gallery below…


video: massacooramaan: “wyjd”

by Kingdom & Subtrança



since our last time hosting the grimes its been amazing watching her ascend to such heights, and on this night she will be floating down from her purple castle to fill our favorite brooklyn haunt with her favorite spells. pictureplane will then cleanse your third eye with glowstick acid leaving you enlightened, and rounding out the bill nicely is our favorite new producer in brooklyn, arca. some people hope their whole life for their dreams to become reality, but on this night, reality will become just a dream.

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and just cuz i forgot to post this……

both this song and video pretty much define our aesthetic.




WM Presente: PG102 w/ Sepalcure, Machinedrum, MikeQ, Liturgy, White Ring, RPEG, Thomas, Rezzie

brooklyn! puppy gang flying off the leash once again as bryan k, myself, and the homies return to form with our late night strain of yolo. with an appropriately stacked lineup topped by live performances machinedrum and sepalcure, and a truly eclectic dj lineup, we went HAM, egg, and cheese on this: there will be ✔ lasers, ✔ kiddie pools, ✔ a dungeon and other surprises. rooftop style; come in cosplay or bondage gear and prepare to vibe hard.

hear sounds from all the artists and win tix via our pals earmilk.

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also if you’re in chicago this weekend i’ll be spinning the liturgy show at the hideout. be warned.

fay – “din”

when time no place (nguzunguzu, rainbow arabia, san gabriel) tips you on something that “doesn’t sound like any other record you’ve heard this year” you take notice. there’s definitely something cool happening here, with productions just begging to be remixed.

kingfisherg: “indian mound”

kingfisherg – indian mound (youtube)

this is why blogs like these are made, to shout out gems like these that pop up from seemingly nowhere. i found this on some forum where it was described as “absolute perfection”. agreed.

cooly g

here’s an artist we fully support who too few people in the states seem to know about: cooly g produces slick next level beats and sings on them and she’s signed to hyperdub and a badass. and dj rashad is a fan.

as soon as the synths kicked in on her gorgeous single “landscapes” i knew the situation was serious.

her new record playin’ me is one of the nicest i’ve heard in recent memory. seek that.

Cooly G – He Said I Said


If I have created a world for you, in your place,
God, you had to come to it confident,
and you have come to it, to my refuge,
because my whole world was nothing but my hope.

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