weird magic presente: Geneva Jacuzzi as Auto Garvo in Idiot Menagerie of the Automatic Dream Crud (+ Ital, Veronica Vasicka, Steve Summers)

we are thrilled to co-present this special full theatrical performance by geneva jacuzzi, who, if our last encounter with her is any indication, is pretty much the epitome of our weird magic, and this time, for the first time, geneva’s music will come to life with an “elaborate theatrical set, geometric choreography by the dance-troupe Spazz Hands, elaborately bizarre costuming, and absurdist aerial acrobatics.” i’ll be opening the night with a 2-hour set, followed by geneva’s performance, after which the train will be chugging all night with beats provided by minimal wave’s veronica vasicka, and a tag-team set between steve summers and ital. let the full description tantalize you, below.
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Midnight Express/House of Yes/Weird Magic, bold yet subdued, rogue demigods of the Brooklyn Warehouse Underworld have united forces for the sake of delightful brain melting. Bear Witness:

Los Angeles based high-concept musician, artist and entertainment sensation Geneva Jacuzzi has teamed up with House of Yes Theatre to create her first fully produced performance theatre spectacle, titled Idiot Menagerie of the Automatic Dream Crud.

The show brings Geneva Jacuzzi’s lo-fi dark-pop music to life with an elaborate theatrical set, geometric choreography by the dance-troupe Spazz Hands, elaborately bizarre costuming, and absurdist aerial acrobatics. Jacuzzi herself stars as Auto-Garvo, a homeless bum who stumbles upon a mysterious “Enema-Umbrella Idiot Art Gun with Hose Attachment” to become the creator and fascist destroyer of art objects, art beings and all things, including herself.

Idiot Menagerie of the Automatic Dream Crud is written by Casey Obelisk and Geneva Jacuzzi. Directed and Produced by Kae Burke.

The theatrical spectacle is part of an event jointly hosted by Midnight Express, a series of multimedia cross-genre fusion of solar darkness and underwater house jamborees, and Weird Magic, ruler of vibrations visual, aural, and cyber.

11:00PM Weird Magic: Extra Terrestrial feelings and flavors best suited for those with hazy yet delightful inclinations.

1:00AM Geneva Jacuzzi: As Auto Garvo (see above & below for details)

2:00AM Veronica Vasicka: (Minimal Wave): Founder of Minimal Wave Records, co-founder of East Village Radio and Queen of all synthscapes icy and weird. French Bedroom Techno, Belgian Heavy Transgenre, Dutch Cassette Rave.

3:30AM A Special Dream Tag Team Set between:

Ital (Planet Mu): Washy avant-House singed to Los Angeles’ 100% Silk formerly of Mi Ami.


Steve Summers (L.I.E.S./Clone): Grimy and authentic lo-fi acid house and member of dream/nightmare synth project Inner Gaze.

Lighting will be provided by puppet master general Jared Spafford.

Take Note:

1. Geneva will be flown into New york to unload merchandise.
2. Geneva will be homeless and attempt a mugging.
3. Geneva will mince, balk and dawdle and not know the meaning of employment.
4. Geneva will eat and need to use a toilet, and will contrive to know
how to use this equipment.
5. Geneva will fly experiencing moments of clarity, grace, confusion,
upset, malice, disassociation, and acting like a dodecahedron turned
on its side and left for dead in an alley, all the while expelling air
mingled with vibrating sound on wind into an electronic headset.
6. Geneva will be left bored, let down, a simpleton, wanting, panting,
holding a glass, represented now by the ever-smaller image of her self
shown backwards and reversed in the retinal ass of a few friends and
7. Geneva will go to the after-party.


*8. Geneva, the next morning, will find she really was given an
enema-umbrella gun with lots of flashy lights and probably attach it
to her ass again later, just not at the moment, because everyone will
want bagels.

more than eighteen times has this “performance” been previewed, reviewed, cancelled, faked or talked about in some way or another as an aeriel ballet, a living art piece, concert etc and under so many titles, such as A LOOK INSIDE THE ASS MENAGERIE of AN IDIOT WE LOVED DEEPLY or______ so you might think the gigantic confusion and uproar itself was part of the plan, but everyone knew someone at some point had to stage it, and that that someone would need the type of equipment to support an aerial ballet (ala the Carrousel scene in Logan’s Run).

Not only has someone agreed to do it, but they’ve been persuaded to stage it the way Geneva wanted it staged twenty-five years ago!


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