rebolledo – playground mix

crucial skill #1, as far as i can tell, for music blogging: coming up with a punchy, marginally descriptive, and effusive sentence or two to attach to a lazy repost from another blog. let it be known, dear reader, that i will more often than not fail to so deliver the obligatory accompanying objective critical commentary, but –

here is an awesome mix from comeme‘s rebolledo (sometime collaborator and subject matter of transcontinental dreamboat eccentric matias aguayo, self-proclaimed super vato, superpitcher’s bandmate and label partner, and overall certified freak techno badass), courtesy of playground. as for sentence two: fuck your retarded concept of What Cool Weird Dance Music Is In 2012 if it includes any consideration of certain insufferable, forced “classic house revival” poseurs (acting like they’ve discovered a new world, bearing audio smallpox blankets disguised as criminally dull 12″ records – well, at least it’s not infectious) and misses actual one-of-a-kind, here-and-now, and totally sincere dance music personalities; la lucha sigue and don’t you forget it

via playground (yesterday: rebolledo’s 10 favorite peppers with boots to match)

xoxo gossip girl

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