rebolledo – playground mix

rebolledo – playground mix

crucial skill #1, as far as i can tell, for music blogging: coming up with a punchy, marginally descriptive, and effusive sentence or two to attach to a lazy repost from another blog. let it be known, dear reader, that i will more often than not fail to so deliver the obligatory accompanying objective critical commentary, but -

here is an awesome mix from comeme‘s rebolledo (sometime collaborator and subject matter of transcontinental dreamboat eccentric matias aguayo, self-proclaimed super vato, superpitcher’s bandmate and label partner, and overall certified freak techno badass), courtesy of playground. as for sentence two: fuck your retarded concept of What Cool Weird Dance Music Is In 2012 if it includes any consideration of certain insufferable, forced “classic house revival” poseurs (acting like they’ve discovered a new world, bearing audio smallpox blankets disguised as criminally dull 12″ records – well, at least it’s not infectious) and misses actual one-of-a-kind, here-and-now, and totally sincere dance music personalities; la lucha sigue and don’t you forget it

via playground (yesterday: rebolledo’s 10 favorite peppers with boots to match)

xoxo gossip girl

hooray for earth portraits

lamin fofana – “brokedown city” + aramac remix

sexy, sinister dancefloor voodoo“. excellent collab effort between brooklyn’s lamin fofana and the man who put out the original track (and lovely ep), aramac. really love both versions but when the vocoder/pad sound comes in in the remix, i’m slain:

hear the original:
lamin fofana – brokedown city

out now on sticks ‘n’ stones.

burial – kindred

beyond comprehension. listen closely.

w/ skrillex and araabmuzik.

{all photos by erez avissar. view on facebook.}


[updated] greatest hits – kale rock stars mix [+ dapper tripper mix]

GH Kale Rock Stars Mix / alt link


1. Herbie Hancock- Watermelon Man
2. E.L.O.- The Whale
3. Inc.- Millionairess
4. Herbie Hancock- I thought it was you
5. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face
6. Rolling Stones- Miss You
7. Jeff Phelps- Phase Shift
8. Bon Voyage- Sorciers des Aeroport
9. Neon- Skydiver
10. Doug Hream Blunt- Gentle Persuasion
11. Spectrum- How You Satisfy Me
12. Gary Wilson- Chromium Bitch
13. Gary Allen- Oops, It’s an Accident
14. The Associates- Party Fears Two
15. John Baker- Festival Time

new exclusive mix from the boys as they finish up their debut lp and gear up for the increasingly tantalizing festival nrmal in mexico next month. step in the spaceship.

UPDATE: zak mering/raw thrills, the other half of greatest hits, has already whipped up his own “psyched out” mix to accompany tyler’s “funktified” one:

GH Dapper Tripper Mix


blondes debut lp out now

Much like The Field’s illuminating From Here We Go Sublime or Luke Abbott’s Holkham Drones, each track on this collection of the duos series of 12-inches released last year takes you on a different voyage, which isn’t too dissimilar to the next or the last trip it took you on. And every minute of it puts a rapt grin above my chin. There’s a awe-inducing majesty to the moments when all the subtly introduced parts coalesce and then ebb away but there’s also a sense of feeling completely lost, as if every ounce of euphoria you just experienced is more of a fading dream than a ‘song’ or a ‘composition’ or whatever the hell you wanna call these ‘pieces’. Pulling this record apart and picking out one track over another seems pointless (isn’t everything?) and every second you’re reading this, is another moment of your life you’re not spending escaping and fully immersing yourself in the throbbing bosom of Blondes.
sean adams, drownedinsound

available now on rvng intl. stream in full at xlr8r.