spells: grimes, asap rocky, bebetunes, evian christ, huerco s. & c v l t s, napolian & oneohtrix, andy stott, burial, lapti, wuf ticket, major lazer & dj sega

grimes – genesis

and what a potent spell it is. our girl grimes has got us dancing in the heavens with this fantasy jam. been waiting for this since first catching it live last year (posted a live version on weird magic facebook several months ago, for those keeping tabs). claire is a sorceress.

asap rocky – pretty flacko (prod. spaceghostpurrp)

spaceghostpurrp is a dark, twisted motherfucker, but i’m alright with that if he can keep funneling that into music this good. this beat is out for blood.


james ferraro continues on his mpc visionquest. this one made instant waves in our pond and beyond. because it’s the niceness.

evian christ – fuck it none of ya’ll don’t rap

this anonymous producer has been causing quite the stir around here. why? because this shit is dope. [hear more – via dummy]

c v l t s – time debt (huerco s. strings of life mix)

i swear i love everything that huerco touches; his music takes me to another world. it’s a spiritual thing, it’s a body thing, it’s a soul thing.

oneohtrix point never – up (napolian remix)

napolian goes deep with this one, just the way we like it.

napolian’s rejoice ep is dropping january 31st on oneohtrix’s software label.

more goods:
“rejoice” (on software’s fader mix)
“my refuge”

andy stott – intermittent

andy stott’s passed me by is one of the most beautiful dark electronic albums i’ve heard since untrue, and this may be the best offering on the record. horrifying but so gorgeous. wow.

speaking of burial… have you heard the clip of his new cut “ashtray wasp”? ooooooh..!

Lapti – Peace by Lapti

Lapti – Livin’ 4 by Lapti

been feeling these productions by moscow’s lapti

major lazer – “original don”

between “pon de floor” and this, can we all agree that major lazer are on some serious next level shit? undoubtedly some of the most amazingly bizarre and forward-thinking club bangers of our time. and skerrit bwoy (now a full-time member/shouter?) tops it all off.

dj sega – original don remix [thx jenna]

wuf ticket – the key (dub mix)

old magic. this was the jam on new years, especially with samandude vocals fluttering atop it.

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