our beloved gunkers, james ferraro and sam meringue [pictured above playing in outer limits recordings], have gone hip-hop!
some top-notch head and neck-fuckery below. both have mixtapes dropping soon. get on this.

s.a.m. – beat #007
s.a.m. – beat #011
s.a.m. – beat #010

bebe tunes – INHALE C – 4
bebe tunes – siri pop
life in hipstamatic – pepsi baby
[more: youtube / soundcloud]

thx barron

TOP8 mix for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい


here’s a new mix from our internet crushes TOP8 for ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかわいい tonight. they can’t be with us IRL, but sent this over from montreal (9 hours ago via web)

rez & i will be playing the hits 2nite at the morgan with LF Wind (@teengirlfantasy), Sasha Desree (#DESREESLOUNGE), @Shock_Diamond, & Emilie Friedlander (@alteredzones); @ryder_ripps (dump.fm/@okfocus) & @amycakesDD will be providing virtual and analog makeovers, respectively - but if you’re not in nyc, you can always call (/text/skype/myspace/second life IM) a friend and get pretty at home to this mix

life in l.a.

apologies for the lack of posts lately. if you haven’t ben following the escapades on twitter, i was in l.a. this week. perhaps you saw some snaps of araabmuzik or the real estate/big troubles/ferraro show or the frank ocean show; enclosed is the full ride, including some audio to make it a multisensory journey. back in brooklyn now, djing tonight @ glasslands and wednesday at phillip beretta/amerikkka online’s cyber pretty party.

ariel pink – life in l.a.

this has got to be one of the greatest tracks ever.

ariel pink – witchhunt suite for wwiii

ariel said this is one of his proudest creations.

tity boi – spend it

riding round l.a. w/ araab, duke from diplomats and crew, this one went there. plus, venus spun it at mustache mondays, and dj rashad and boylan remixed it, and devin likes it, so u know it’s a jam.

coyote clean up – you x won’t x know

this one slipped through our cracks til now, thx to teams.

ilija rudman – after midnight

unknown dj at dam funk’s party was destroying it. this is one of the tracks he played, i think.

james ferraro – she’s a hot little pinball machine

james make you work so fucking hard to get to that chorus, but when it hits it hits so good.

autechre – 444


araabmuzik – AT2

flying through the skies.

connan mockasin – it’s choade my dear

surf soundtracks [thx ben].

araabmuzik played the mondrian hotel. they flew me out to document his trip. the new beats were sick.

stops included dj khalil (jay z’s producer)’s studio.

sean bowie / teams

james ferraro opened for real estate, playing his first show w/ a full band (backed by basement babies).

kate (his girlfriend) sang his vocals. it worked amazingly well!

james ferraro & ariel pink, cosmic combination.

real estate @ the echo. the boys have come a long way.

partied with real estate, ‘like effing rockstars‘.

dj @ club rhonda

dam-funk’s weekly funkmosphere party. @ a hole in the wall in a remote part of the city. dj killing it w/ dam (the souliest dude on the planet) on the mic.

teams private set @ his bungalow.

frank ocean @ the el rey.

tyler, the creator sighting.

venice beach

back in brooklyn, straight to shea stadium for the 100% silk party.



upcoming WEIRD MAGIC appearances:

[image credit: charles bergquist]

11.03: Zambri EP Release
@ Glasslands Gallery
w/ Beige, Maribu Stork (Noel from Hooray For Earth), Autre Ne Veut

11.04: Caged Animals Record Release
@ Shea Stadium
w/ DIVE, Lost Boy?, & Give to Light ||| AFTERPARTY w/ Slipper E (WEIRD MAGIC) + DJ Samandude (Friends)

11.18: Small Black Moon Killer Mixtape Release
@ Glasslands Gallery
w/ Heavenly Beat & Special Guests

11.23: ✿★♪ CYBeR-PReTTY ♪★✿ サイバーかなり
@ The Morgan
[WM contributor Phillip Beretta's new party!)
w/ Amerika Ønline (Beauty Magic 미용 마술), Sasha Desree (#DESREESLOUNGE), more TBA

video: pure x – surface

Pure X – “Surface” from Malcolm Elijah on Vimeo.

[one of our favorite tracks. beautiful video. real magic.]