phillip beretta’s august dj chart

“it’s six months, six months, six months. it’s not something you do for a great future.”
-karl lagerfeld, on music blogging

another trend in popular culture, another end-of-history treatment in a major art/culture publication: cory arcangel writes on the emerging euro-trance influence on chart pop in artforum. from a functional standpoint, i love the emerging euro-trance influence on chart pop, because all you have to do is speed it up to 170-175 bpm to make “happy softcore” on the fly:


“Why? More important, why now?” asks arcangel. one possible answer is the cyclicality of novelty expressed in the substance of the universe itself, the referentiality intrinsic to physical existence, as manifested over the airwaves and through the noosphere at large:


a second explanation, equally plausible, and potentially more readily adopted among the linear historical narratives often favored by the critical establishment, is a broad cultural regression to the mean, the constant correction by which society’s concept of expression on the whole grows to more closely resemble the artistic vision of t.A.T.u.:


the present exercise, charting dj tracks at a particular moment in time for others to see, or more specifically, picking relatively recent youtube clips to put on a blog, or more generally, participating in the sisyphean pop hype death drive at large (a.k.a. “keeping up with music,” or “talking critically about art created for popular consumption”), typically entails lazy or shortsighted static analysis at best, and cynical, self-aware swing trading at worst. that’s just the inevitable effect of blogging with the specific intent to introduce new music, or reading blogs with the specific intent to discover new music – a functionally consumerist hunger for novelty masquerading as pursuing the next major artistic development, testing an artificial frontier in a world of incredible historical surplus of product:


i missed this one when it came out on “CLUBLAND X-TREME HARDCORE 7” in january; the single (with a dougal & gammer b-side) is out now. the original (nu foundation – wizzy) clearly wasn’t clubland enough, x-treme enough, or hardcore enough; big up “the entity” for remedying the situation:


“he’s a raving farmer…packing fruit and veg to the beats…big up to all the milk float ravers out there tonight”


i don’t know anything about who made this, and i don’t care:

i mean, because, you know:

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