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been a while since we’ve done a footwork update. let us know what we left out.

boylan tekz aug 2011 ftwk by boylan

boylan was generous enough to give us this listen to what’s been going on inside ghettoteckz headquarters as of late, with first listens to tracks that are less than a month since conception. new rashad collab “gettin it” achieves levels of bassquake far beyond what most producers would consider acceptable. hope you’ve got subs.

tracklist [favs in bold:]

dJ spinn – addicted
dJ manny – still playing
boylan – OMM (tekz everyday)
dJ Spinn – jealousy
traxman – get dem niggaz of my shit
dj spinn – 187 trax
dj manny – my click
boylan and dj rashad – gettin it
dj rashad – undisputed
dj spinnn – winnin

dj rashad – ghetto tek musik
dj manny – lap dance
boylan manny rashad – drinkin

this new mix from earl collects his favorite traxman cuts. not necessarily all new, but packed with surprisingly beauty-full delights.

My Favorite Traxxman Trackz (Dj Earl Mixx) by Dj Earl

although he excluded a contender for our favorite:

traxman – the comeback [youtube: click to watch in player]

also check + some new earl tracks on soundcloud.

dj diamond’s new lp flight muzik is the first we’ve heard from him since his stunningly bizarre entries on the bangs & works comp, and this one lives up in its next-level, mortal kombat weirdness:

dj diamond – torture rack

dj phil & dj earl – good

new dj phil ep out now on ghettophiles

brooklyn’s slava had us pretty gobsmacked when he entered juke territory in a recent live set. i think the chicago cats would be proud:

slava – florida


CaVeRN. by LiL ♎ JaBBA

E3 by Dj Avery-76

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