embedded grüv pt III

by @chocolatebobka

Deep summer cuts coming thru in this edition of Embedded Grüv. Been obsessing over this Model 500 Starlight Remix EP lately. Spent a lot of time digging into these grooves late night, in bed, glow of the laptop screen illuminating the room. The liner notes are quite telling…Recorded at Love Park Studios (berlin)….Engineer: Moritz von Oswald….Published by Deep Space Music….Pretty much sums it up

Model 500 “Starlight” (Deepchord Mix)

Model 500 “Starlight” (Echospace Dub)

Model 500 “Starlight” (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H mix)

Recently headed out west to California and took in the Woodsist fest at Big Sur. Good times nestled neath massive redwoods and awe-inspiring coastal cliffs, and while the show was good, the undoubted champion of the weekend was the DJ who played this cover of “Like a Rolling Stone” by Spirit. The guitar sound still has me in a stupor. Shout out @decantler for asking the DJ what the tune was.

Spirit “Like A Rolling Stone”

Jammed a lot of dub techno on the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. Nothing better than some Rhythm & Sound with Creators as you soar on Highway 1. Also, this tune makes me wonder whether Ja Rule was into dub, techno, or dub techno, or reggae at all. (Doubt it, but still nice to think about)

The homey GD Micah (aka Body God) been sending me a lot of quiet storm sex jams as of late. The two classic standouts being, unsurprisingly, from the Isley Bros and Teddy Pendergrass. Safe sex, y’all

And last but certainly not least, this RIP Nate DOGG track by Game still has me feeling super emotional about the lose of one of the great hook singers of all time…All Doggs Go To Heaven….till then…..smoke weed everyday

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