south african house by dj sdunkero (and dj temphunk)

house music is synonymous with pop music in south africa, and though dj sdunkero is one of the most prominent/successful south african house dj/producers, he is barely known outside of his country. been increasingly smitten with this sound lately and after much digging, these tracks are some of my finest discoveries. “choosing love” is a perfect electronic track, one that everyone i play it for seems to fall in love with:

dj sdunkero – choosing love

dj temphunk’s “darty” mix of sdunkero’s track “i’m a queen” is just as great but in a much more ethereal way, breathing in layer upon layer of synth pads until threatening to burst open with beauty.

dj sdunkero – i’m a queen (dj temphunk darty version mix)

here’s the low-budget video/mix featuring perhaps his most well-known track, “maputo song,” finding sdunkero inexplicably strumming an electric guitar (nowhere to be found in the song) unplugged on a mountain:

[full song here]

“choosing love” was released on a split with auntie flo in june.
follow dj sdunkero’s facebook page where he often posts download links to new jams.

[thx dave quam for the tip]

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