latesummer’s vibe

Latesummer’s Vibe — mix by Jan Woo by Vibes Management

new mix from the masterful guru jan woo who by now has officially earned the love and respect, if not “favorite dj” status, of every local music head i know. a janny jam is one to hold close to your heart. it will never let you down.

equally great even better is this classic jan mix: dj xtravaganza

side a
side b

purple drank

axel boman – purple drank (original mix)

thank you simian mobile disco for introducing this to me, and for jamie xx for the reminder. deep german groove punctuated by some well-timed, forceful smacks to the face. perfect. spend some time with jamie xx, too….

Jamie xx Essential Mix by Young Turks

photos: ps1 warm up f. pictureplane, grimes, blood orange, solange, juan atkins, ford & lopatin

video: supreme cuts – “issues”


it’s cold in here

been a while since we’ve done a footwork update. let us know what we left out.

boylan tekz aug 2011 ftwk by boylan

boylan was generous enough to give us this listen to what’s been going on inside ghettoteckz headquarters as of late, with first listens to tracks that are less than a month since conception. new rashad collab “gettin it” achieves levels of bassquake far beyond what most producers would consider acceptable. hope you’ve got subs.

tracklist [favs in bold:]

dJ spinn – addicted
dJ manny - still playing
boylan – OMM (tekz everyday)
dJ Spinn – jealousy
traxman – get dem niggaz of my shit
dj spinn – 187 trax
dj manny – my click
boylan and dj rashad – gettin it
dj rashad – undisputed
dj spinnn – winnin

dj rashad – ghetto tek musik
dj manny – lap dance
boylan manny rashad – drinkin

this new mix from earl collects his favorite traxman cuts. not necessarily all new, but packed with surprisingly beauty-full delights.

My Favorite Traxxman Trackz (Dj Earl Mixx) by Dj Earl

although he excluded a contender for our favorite:

traxman – the comeback [youtube: click to watch in player]

also check + some new earl tracks on soundcloud.

dj diamond’s new lp flight muzik is the first we’ve heard from him since his stunningly bizarre entries on the bangs & works comp, and this one lives up in its next-level, mortal kombat weirdness:

dj diamond – torture rack

dj phil & dj earl – good

new dj phil ep out now on ghettophiles

brooklyn’s slava had us pretty gobsmacked when he entered juke territory in a recent live set. i think the chicago cats would be proud:

slava – florida


CaVeRN. by LiL ♎ JaBBA

E3 by Dj Avery-76

video premiere: greatest hits – “stranger of love”

new vid for an unreleased 2010 track done while recording a new record in europe. the gh/gunk boys are relentless. follow their exploits on gunk tv blog an facebook / brooklyn: welcome them back on sept. 8th with ducktails, family portrait, and future shuttle.

embedded grüv pt III

embedded grüv pt III

by @chocolatebobka

Deep summer cuts coming thru in this edition of Embedded Grüv. Been obsessing over this Model 500 Starlight Remix EP lately. Spent a lot of time digging into these grooves late night, in bed, glow of the laptop screen illuminating the room. The liner notes are quite telling…Recorded at Love Park Studios (berlin)….Engineer: Moritz von Oswald….Published by Deep Space Music….Pretty much sums it up

Model 500 “Starlight” (Deepchord Mix)

Model 500 “Starlight” (Echospace Dub)

Model 500 “Starlight” (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H mix)

Recently headed out west to California and took in the Woodsist fest at Big Sur. Good times nestled neath massive redwoods and awe-inspiring coastal cliffs, and while the show was good, the undoubted champion of the weekend was the DJ who played this cover of “Like a Rolling Stone” by Spirit. The guitar sound still has me in a stupor. Shout out @decantler for asking the DJ what the tune was.

Spirit “Like A Rolling Stone”




i share with you this blinding(ly beautiful) song on the day of his untimely passing.
r.i.p. antonio urdiales.

photos: tri angle warm up

photos: tri angle warm up

all photos by erez avissar

view gallery on brooklyn vegan


south african house by dj sdunkero (and dj temphunk)

house music is synonymous with pop music in south africa, and though dj sdunkero is one of the most prominent/successful south african house dj/producers, he is barely known outside of his country. been increasingly smitten with this sound lately and after much digging, these tracks are some of my finest discoveries. “choosing love” is a perfect electronic track, one that everyone i play it for seems to fall in love with:

dj sdunkero – choosing love

dj temphunk’s “darty” mix of sdunkero’s track “i’m a queen” is just as great but in a much more ethereal way, breathing in layer upon layer of synth pads until threatening to burst open with beauty.

dj sdunkero – i’m a queen (dj temphunk darty version mix)

here’s the low-budget video/mix featuring perhaps his most well-known track, “maputo song,” finding sdunkero inexplicably strumming an electric guitar (nowhere to be found in the song) unplugged on a mountain:

[full song here]

“choosing love” was released on a split with auntie flo in june.
follow dj sdunkero’s facebook page where he often posts download links to new jams.

[thx dave quam for the tip]

spells: fritunes

spells: fritunes

we send you into the weekend with this diverse cocktail of musical pleasures, indulge:

new cfcf single on uno feat. remixes by physical therapy and d’eon, strong entries by all. killer:


while bjork has certainly shown that she’s still one of the most visionary minds in the game with her new single and equally genius video by michel gondry, it’s this remix that’s had us most psyched since the teaser clip last month. dream team-level union, with a perfectly absurd breakdown in the final third.

bjork – crystalline (omar souleyman remix)

while we cringe at the sound of a dubstep wobble, on this track by uk producer tunnidge there’s no wobble to be found, just a bone-rumbling kick drum in your face (i played this on 285 kent’s awesome rig at the pure x show, and the place was throbbing.) this one ultimately finds itself in its own zone.

tunnidge – tribe

revisited this mix adeptus did for disar last year, and it pops all the way through. whatever the mystery track is that kicks in second (anyone?), it’s amazing.

Party Effects – Adeptus’s Electro Street Mix by DISmagazine

araabmuzik is in new york and we’ll be catching him and a ton of others tonight at the ridiculous s!ck party, so in celebration, here’s an amazing track off his latest record that we never got around to posting:

araabmuzik – streetz tonight

we send you off on a somber note, with this beautiful track by wendy rene, sampled by wu-tang, whose melody recently crept back into my head, with no complaints:

wendy rene – after laughter

photos: last night cont’d (feat. co la & philip seymour hoffman)

photos: last night cont’d (feat. co la & philip seymour hoffman)

photos by erez avissar with help from allie teilz

photos: sufjan stevens @ prospect park