phillip beretta’s july 2011 dj chart

real talk: this isn’t my “actual” “chart” for “djing.” i’m sorry, but if certain european dance labels, not naming names (cough cough bpitch control crosstown rebels ostgut ton), would step up their getting-320s-to-german-pirates-to-put-on-youtube game, this might be a more complete picture of what i’ve actually listened to this month (besides 90s big beat britpop remixes and bjork singles on repeat). i’m not all that sorry, though, because if you really wanted to nerd out over that kind of music, you’d already be in a soulseek chat room; let’s do this

did i ever tell you guys about my “ambient hotties” prediction for 2011-12? serious noise heartthrobs, justin bieber putting out hand-screened 7″s, hearts of space / tiger beat crossover, oceans of sound as vast as the impossibility of teenage desire?

Demos by Goitia Deitz

is there a more concise name for that thing where you don’t care about whatever mutant-rhythm uk a-side with pitched vocals and warped samples and blah blah blah is out this week on xyz dance darling imprint, but wow, the big dumb banger on the flip side, it’s so good, and anyway, what is this, a starbucks? fuck you nerds, i want TECHNO

speaking of techno, i always thought of this as “drone shit that some of my friends like to take synthetic hallucinogens to” until i left it playing in a youtube tab in the background while listening to the new cari lekebusch, and now it’s “drone shit that makes even recent cari lekebusch records interesting.” someone reissued something else she did this week (look it up), which is good, because goddamn if cari lekebusch doesn’t have a new release out just about every time i log into beatport

by the way, i still love you, cari

(cari lekebusch, 1994, just saying)

when my friends send me stuff that sounds like it’s coming from another room, i pretend they’re next door listening to the real record

(via @AcephaleRecords)

i like this and everything but i don’t have any comment because “talking about rap on the internet” is best left to 2 groups of people: lifelong experts and clueless assholes

(via @tbaybj)

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