nightwave – feel

nightwave – feel

so good. a jammer.

stream the full ep @ fact, hear a recent mixtape on her mixcloud.

[c/o david beltran]

pure x interview + video + photos from brooklyn w/ forma and eola

hot on the heels of their new record, pleasure [listen here], pure x stopped through brooklyn earlier this month to bring their warmth and fuzziness to the last bobka show, a sweaty, ecstatic night. great to see so many people getting stoked on this band lately, and live in the flesh it’s easy to see why — they’re tapping into something deeper than we may know.

here’s a look inside the walls that night, “stuck livin” launching right into “surface”:

brooklyn writer/videographer mark craig also spliced in bits of my footage of “easy” and “dry ice” into this interview he captured with the band backstage that night:

more photos from the night, including tonstartssbandht and forma (not pictured: run dmt) after the jump.

photos by joe talman / thx elise for the cam assist


drive me crazy

this mix by e&e for mawu-lisa is too good — jumping from ambient to r&b to gunshot beats, playing out like a romantic, apocalyptic film. his mix for dismagazine easily as alien/drug-like. my favorite part (aside from brandy over marimbas) is around 5:40 when the serenity gives way to some pretty bell chimes and then an abrasive burst of hyperspeed water toms. most people would probably ask you to change it immediately, but for a few of us weirdos, it’s pretty beautiful.


the track is by lisbent, who may be from portugal or denmark or both. his soundcloud is packed with tunes which may or may not have all been made in the past few months, left-field footwork tracks mixed with some musique concrete to mexican tribal rave for good measure. cool stuff. [also check his music blog, crack distro]

lisbent – drive me crazy

copenhagen’s yungbukkakke took the “drive me crazy” beat and mashed it up with waka’s “no hands.” like the other stuff in here, it’s jagged and beautiful. [also check out his online mixes].



nike7up – july 2011 mixtape

a healthy, extended dosage of new nike7up, who knows how to manipulate the heart of any pop song, as dummy noted. also see: his recent alanis/mj and skullfuct-britney works below.

nike7up – hand in my pocket lost generation mix
nike7up – seal it with a kiss nike7up my tomb remix

Venus X’s Hard Destiny Mixtape by The FADER

shakira enlisted venus x of ghe20 g0th1k to help her “translate and re-interpret” weird current underground dance movements into “universal pop” for her next record. by making this mix for shakira public, her “magic 25-minute report on what Hot 97 jams, Southern fight raps, German club rants and Puerto Rican pop sounds like when they’re stewed together” is a skewed sampler for the rest of us, too [full story+tracklist @ the fader]

the very best – fact mix 254

following their super mom mixtape, the very best made this mix for fact recently intertwining their own tracks with some awesome african stuff. [via fact]

dj clock – hypersonic
bujo mujo – ngifuna wena [youtube link]

tommyboy – for the win mix

for a more “slow burning, balearic blend of cosmic delights,” austin tx whiz kid tommyboy sent over this mix, adding “Hoping this makes the soundtrack to some of your best summer nights.” thanks, tommy. for, info/tracklist here. / also check out his texas mixtape for vice


seduced is the new project by baltimore’s ivy barkakati (ivdb) and nick rivetti (rick rab, breeeze, food for animals). the union is proving to be a good one: their two tracks thus far are dense, rhythmically forward-thinking tracks that sound like transmissions from the most advanced laboratory of the seas. eagerly awaiting more…

seduced – questionnaire
seduced – seduced

photos: prince rama

photos: prince rama

7/9/11 @ market hotel rooftop [single release party]
5/11/11 @ monster island basement [utopia=no person vhs release party]

all photos by erez avissar
thx to elise for letting me use her camera
view set on brooklynvegan


phillip beretta’s july 2011 dj chart

real talk: this isn’t my “actual” “chart” for “djing.” i’m sorry, but if certain european dance labels, not naming names (cough cough bpitch control crosstown rebels ostgut ton), would step up their getting-320s-to-german-pirates-to-put-on-youtube game, this might be a more complete picture of what i’ve actually listened to this month (besides 90s big beat britpop remixes and bjork singles on repeat). i’m not all that sorry, though, because if you really wanted to nerd out over that kind of music, you’d already be in a soulseek chat room; let’s do this

did i ever tell you guys about my “ambient hotties” prediction for 2011-12? serious noise heartthrobs, justin bieber putting out hand-screened 7″s, hearts of space / tiger beat crossover, oceans of sound as vast as the impossibility of teenage desire?

Demos by Goitia Deitz

is there a more concise name for that thing where you don’t care about whatever mutant-rhythm uk a-side with pitched vocals and warped samples and blah blah blah is out this week on xyz dance darling imprint, but wow, the big dumb banger on the flip side, it’s so good, and anyway, what is this, a starbucks? fuck you nerds, i want TECHNO

speaking of techno, i always thought of this as “drone shit that some of my friends like to take synthetic hallucinogens to” until i left it playing in a youtube tab in the background while listening to the new cari lekebusch, and now it’s “drone shit that makes even recent cari lekebusch records interesting.” someone reissued something else she did this week (look it up), which is good, because goddamn if cari lekebusch doesn’t have a new release out just about every time i log into beatport

by the way, i still love you, cari

(cari lekebusch, 1994, just saying)

when my friends send me stuff that sounds like it’s coming from another room, i pretend they’re next door listening to the real record

(via @AcephaleRecords)

i like this and everything but i don’t have any comment because “talking about rap on the internet” is best left to 2 groups of people: lifelong experts and clueless assholes

(via @tbaybj)

photos: woodlands

photos: woodlands

summersville, west virginia
all photos by erez avissar


claude vonstroke – who’s afraid of detroit