phillip beretta’s june 2011 dj chart

“i hate and distrust all art historians, experts and critics. they are a bunch of parasites, feeding on the body of art. their work is not only useless, it is misleading. they say nothing worth listening to about art or the artist, aside from personal gossip – which i grant you can sometimes be interesting”

-mark rothko, on music blogging

anyway my new thing is only listening to youtube music by teenagers, whatever berghain or latin superjam boomkat tells me to buy, and really “lush” cd-r’s by crusty noise dudes, so this has actually been a pretty good month for me so far.

here is one of my favorite new “blogdrone” / “ambient footwork” / “tumblr house” recordings

i feel like matias aguayo could really successfully cross over into the avant-garde world of bearded men talking into a microphone over repetitive tracks

(out on kompakt now? right? google it)

okay, so maybe file this under “fucking duh,” but i don’t know if anything else counts as music anymore. is that hyperbolic enough? i’m new at indie blogging, leave tips in the comments

subversive subcultures take on interesting and subtle forms under repressive regimes, and this all-girl cover of flipper’s “ha ha ha” is a good example of the nascent chinese bay area punk revival scene

(via beta librae)

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