many of our dj and chitown brethren have long been buzzing about this curious bastard-genre moombahton, accidentally invented when dave nada played dj chuckie’s “moombah” at 108 bpm, recalling reggaeton. nada’s recent p4k-approved comp “blow your head vol. 2” highlights some of the genre’s brightest moments so far. (preview it in this minimix)

the brightest of these comes from prolific big-haired netherlandic producer munchi. “hope” transcends genre tags entirely, bordering on emotional/spiritual more than anything else. a masterpiece!

munchi – hope

our buds starfoxxx were so blown away by munchi’s sound that they flew him out to chicago — “Munchi took off with footwork and juke, and left us with Moombahton and Bubbling” — and have since taken to constructing their own. their new moombahton mix features a moombah’d-out “percolator”, alongside some new ones:

Moombahtonmix by starfoxxxchicago

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  1. Lyndee July 19, 2011

    Good to see a talnet at work. I can’t match that.

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