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Toujours has been hitting up all sorts of electronic corners for a bit. His latest batch of cloud tune features Weezy a cappella elements, heavy 4/4 bangers, and a lot more unexpected turns:

6 7 1 by Toujours

6 7 2 by Toujours

Hy3 by Toujours

Low filter sweeps and LFO crankers are the basis for Bodytronix‘s OUT DA TRUNK house– which is essentially a trip through acid house and dance zones made by dudes use a lot of self-designed modular tomfoolery. One of the many ATX based sound killers that has been ravaging the city for a while, while the rest of us sit around ignoring their existence. Once you hear, you wont be able to ignore any more.

BODYTRONIX at Club de Ville by Eric Archer

More fucked ATX shit from AMASA * GANA — satanic drone lords who recently played an equally as epic and ephemeral show with Stars of the Lid’s Brian McBride in Austin.


Edwin from Tonstartbandht recently played solo as EOLA on my radio show. it was just the two of us on a Sunday afternoon and it was the closest i’ve ever felt to truly being at church.

I’m Walk – Eola (live on Sunday Brunch 1/23/11) by doesare

All these crazy kids in Mexico keep sending me the best shit. Specifically Naka Naka. Not sure who they are, or what the deal is, but everything is pretty fucked in a good way. Peep the UFO666 blog for a lot of that goodness. They popped this video by the other day, which goes well with the Telenovela Fanasmux they made:


My friend Micah has been making these lovely, highly repetitive remixes of tunes that recalls the ECCOJAMS series of yore. My favorite is this remix of Cass McCombs‘ “County Line”

selections and text: michael p. mcgregor

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