embedded grüv part deux

One of my favorite videos on YouTube is this three-part series featuring Jerry Garcia diving in Hawaii with Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman, who during his off time from the Dead, spent most of his time in the Ocean. While this video offers unprecedented insight into JerBear’s daily life, the best part is that it is scored by a live performance of Seastones, the experimental mod synth piece that was a collaboration between composed Ned Lagin and many members of the Grateful Dead, as well as David Crosby and a bunch of other crazy dudes. This is the sound of coral reefs.

Listening to Harold Budd for the last year has literally shifted my perspective on quote-un-quote popular music. When I heard this collaboration with the Cocteau Twins, well, I replayed it over and over and over until I could grasp the depth of its reach, which I’m not sure I have, so I’ll have to watch it a dozen more times. Such a beautiful tune, and the nature shots chosen to accompany it really make me feel.

Lately I’ve been more or less obsessed with Vini Reilly’s output as The Durutti Column. Often it’s hard for me to relate their tunes to the more synth/rave oriented acts that perpetuate the Factory Records/Hacienda mythology. Like, the Happy Monday’s would definitely not have a dude in a yellow blazer playing vibraphone behind some guy playing violin. Actually, Shaun Ryder may have been high enough to do something like that, but it certainly wouldn’t have sounded anywhere near as beautiful as this live version of “Without Mercy.”

Imagine you were/are here:

And last, but not least, here’s some education for the kids via Mr. Robert Fripp. Consider this Sound 101:


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