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embedded grüv part deux

embedded grüv part deux

One of my favorite videos on YouTube is this three-part series featuring Jerry Garcia diving in Hawaii with Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman, who during his off time from the Dead, spent most of his time in the Ocean. While this video offers unprecedented insight into JerBear’s daily life, the best part is that it is scored by a live performance of Seastones, the experimental mod synth piece that was a collaboration between composed Ned Lagin and many members of the Grateful Dead, as well as David Crosby and a bunch of other crazy dudes. This is the sound of coral reefs.

Listening to Harold Budd for the last year has literally shifted my perspective on quote-un-quote popular music. When I heard this collaboration with the Cocteau Twins, well, I replayed it over and over and over until I could grasp the depth of its reach, which I’m not sure I have, so I’ll have to watch it a dozen more times. Such a beautiful tune, and the nature shots chosen to accompany it really make me feel.




many of our dj and chitown brethren have long been buzzing about this curious bastard-genre moombahton, accidentally invented when dave nada played dj chuckie’s “moombah” at 108 bpm, recalling reggaeton. nada’s recent p4k-approved comp “blow your head vol. 2″ highlights some of the genre’s brightest moments so far. (preview it in this minimix)

the brightest of these comes from prolific big-haired netherlandic producer munchi. “hope” transcends genre tags entirely, bordering on emotional/spiritual more than anything else. a masterpiece!

munchi – hope

our buds starfoxxx were so blown away by munchi’s sound that they flew him out to chicago — “Munchi took off with footwork and juke, and left us with Moombahton and Bubbling” — and have since taken to constructing their own. their new moombahton mix features a moombah’d-out “percolator”, alongside some new ones:

Moombahtonmix by starfoxxxchicago

photos: b more

photos: b more

zomes, lichens, soft circle, eachothers @ the soft house (copycat) in baltimore, md, 6.23.11
all photos by erez avissar.


e & e – “reina”

e & e – “reina”

e & e is elijah crampton, with help from angelica olsen on vocals and ashland mines/totalfreedom. “reina” melds tribal hand percussion with gleaming 80s synths with haunted house laughter, to wonderfully hypnotic, transportative effect. all their tracks come highly rec’d.

e & e – reina (tape cut)

track discovered via daytime television (aka teams collaborator jónó mí ló)’s great salem/silk flowers show dj set. (tracklist/download)

3.16.11.SALEM by jonomilo

the story of chicago house and detroit techno

the story of chicago house and detroit techno

It’s been over thirty years since house and techno music exploded out of South Side Chicago and inner-city Detroit, and most Americans still don’t know their dance music history. In 1977 a DJ named Frankie Knuckles moved to Chicago to spin and remix disco records at an underground club called The Warehouse. Out of a fringe subculture that formed there – gay and African-American – house music would emerge to become one the biggest club music genres in the world. Meanwhile, young black futurists of Detroit channeled their city’s post-industrial decay into a utopian machine music known as techno. In this Hip Deep episode, Afropop travels to Chicago and Detroit to explore the past and future of electronic music. Through dozens of interviews with seminal house and techno producers – including Paul Johnson, Vince Lawrence, Juan Atkins, and Carl Craig – as well as scholars, radio DJs and party promoters, we’ll find out how two chilly mid-western cities taught the world to dance.

afropop worldwide sent our pal wills glasspiegel and his partner marlon bishop to the midwest to document the history of chicago house and detroit techno for their afropop worldwide show, also touching on south african house and chicago juke/footwork along the way. a massive work, essential listening to those not fully up on their history.

Midwest Electric: The Story of Chicago House and Detroit Techno by Afropop Worldwide

more on, also have a listen to wills’ eclectic radio mix for weird magic here.

[img: juan atkins by wills glasspiegel]

sqware – “short room”

sqware – “short room”

completely random soundcloud find. bouncy synths and drum patterns coil and contract for way too long before finally spiraling into place, slipping into an awesome technologic groove. sqware are two talented dudes from shanghai and paris. stream the full release here, cop it here.

SQware – Short Room [Process Recordings 138] by SQware

photos: 285 x 3

phillip beretta’s june 2011 dj chart

phillip beretta’s june 2011 dj chart

“i hate and distrust all art historians, experts and critics. they are a bunch of parasites, feeding on the body of art. their work is not only useless, it is misleading. they say nothing worth listening to about art or the artist, aside from personal gossip – which i grant you can sometimes be interesting”

-mark rothko, on music blogging

anyway my new thing is only listening to youtube music by teenagers, whatever berghain or latin superjam boomkat tells me to buy, and really “lush” cd-r’s by crusty noise dudes, so this has actually been a pretty good month for me so far.

here is one of my favorite new “blogdrone” / “ambient footwork” / “tumblr house” recordings

i feel like matias aguayo could really successfully cross over into the avant-garde world of bearded men talking into a microphone over repetitive tracks

(out on kompakt now? right? google it)

okay, so maybe file this under “fucking duh,” but i don’t know if anything else counts as music anymore. is that hyperbolic enough? i’m new at indie blogging, leave tips in the comments

subversive subcultures take on interesting and subtle forms under repressive regimes, and this all-girl cover of flipper’s “ha ha ha” is a good example of the nascent chinese bay area punk revival scene

(via beta librae)

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clams casino – “drowning” / rainforest ep

clams casino – “drowning” / rainforest ep

no artist has unexpectedly gripped us this year quite like clams casino. his beat tapes blew up in our faces earlier this year, instantly reminding us the power of the hip hop ‘instrumental’. with his rainforest ep for tri angle, his palette is completely refined: the tracks sound unified, all parts of a living and breathing beast in nature. this is no longer hip hop, or any distinguishable genre: just really good shit.

to us, this is best exemplified on “drowning,” wringing more feeling out of a disembodied vocal than thought possible. a deeply disturbing (but beautiful) track that seems to stop time. one of our favorites of the year so far, from a totally devastating ep.

Drowning by clammyclams

take in the rainforest ep in full:
Rainforest EP by clammyclams

clams’ got the magic touch:
instrumental mixtape
b-side instrumentals and remixes

the rainforest ep drops 6/27 on tri angle


balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab “mother earth” mix

balam acab has made us a mix inspired by our mother earth. take it outside on your mobile audio device, preferably in the early morning or late in the night, and dream out…


1. chubby wolf – anneal this chord of bliss
2. inca ore – always happy
3. josephine foster – birdo
4. nico – little sister
5. vashti bunyan – glow worms
6. grouper – come softly
7. portishead – deep water

portraits: balam acab + “oh, why” mp3

Embedded Grüv

Embedded Grüv

Toujours has been hitting up all sorts of electronic corners for a bit. His latest batch of cloud tune features Weezy a cappella elements, heavy 4/4 bangers, and a lot more unexpected turns:

6 7 1 by Toujours

6 7 2 by Toujours

Hy3 by Toujours

Low filter sweeps and LFO crankers are the basis for Bodytronix‘s OUT DA TRUNK house– which is essentially a trip through acid house and dance zones made by dudes use a lot of self-designed modular tomfoolery. One of the many ATX based sound killers that has been ravaging the city for a while, while the rest of us sit around ignoring their existence. Once you hear, you wont be able to ignore any more.

BODYTRONIX at Club de Ville by Eric Archer

More fucked ATX shit from AMASA * GANA – satanic drone lords who recently played an equally as epic and ephemeral show with Stars of the Lid’s Brian McBride in Austin.


Edwin from Tonstartbandht recently played solo as EOLA on my radio show. it was just the two of us on a Sunday afternoon and it was the closest i’ve ever felt to truly being at church.

I’m Walk – Eola (live on Sunday Brunch 1/23/11) by doesare

All these crazy kids in Mexico keep sending me the best shit. Specifically Naka Naka. Not sure who they are, or what the deal is, but everything is pretty fucked in a good way. Peep the UFO666 blog for a lot of that goodness. They popped this video by the other day, which goes well with the Telenovela Fanasmux they made:


My friend Micah has been making these lovely, highly repetitive remixes of tunes that recalls the ECCOJAMS series of yore. My favorite is this remix of Cass McCombs‘ “County Line”

selections and text: michael p. mcgregor

free magic – so fo real

free magic – so fo real

a dubbed-out edit of Soul For Real done with an old synth and some 808/303 beats, with this track free magic takes the original and stretches it across eight+ minutes of house glory. free magic also runs the nyc party discovery, and has a slew of great mixes and sounds on his cloud.

free magic – so fo real

silent land time machine takes ny

silent land time machine takes ny

this monday: a chocolate bobka-curated freaky family affair: austin’s silent land time machine finally hits new york (w/ Nick Kuepfer and Khora in tow), joining yours truly along with pals and perennial favorites la big vic.

been meaning to post about jon/silent land time machine since he played (and hosted) our sxsw showcases, owning the audiences with his slow-building electroacoustic sets. his first record, &hope still , kinda sounds like a one man godspeed in the best possible way, hear our two favorite tracks below:

everything goes to shit
silent land time machine – down the hill
[stream full record here.]

and here’s a brand new track from his next lp, “”, due in the fall:

silent land time machine – kissa

for more, and to hear nick kuepfer and khora, head to the tour bandcamp.

mon, june 13 @ silent barn

silent land time machine
nick kuepfer
la big vic
weird magic djs

8pm / $7