weird magic spells 001

1st edition in a series of playlists of our favorite new medicines.

the greatest thing i’ve ever heard right now (this early backstage take infinitely superior to the original), and reminder that good vocal harmonies = one of the greatest things in life. (thx elise for reminding me)

dj milton – house-o-matics

chicago dance mania ripper. my jam. [thx boylan]

secret birds – pink nites

a certified psych classic… wait no, a new track by secret birds, a tokyo-based group on a boutique brisbane indie.

Mae by Magic Mountain by The Pop Manifesto

seems we can’t help but post everything this man does. he is a force. single out today on itunes.

eroc – der prophet

you’re dancing while ascending space. gem off last year’s great purple brain comp.

sunday brunch: midsummer night

you’re raving all night on a beach somewhere in europe, and this track comes on as the sun spills into the skies.

> pictureplane – full vrelease / live mix @ ghe20 gothik

mr. egedy has been holding back for too long, and he’s being generousssss with this one. half remixes, half new stuff. set at ghe20 gothik = really fucking good too. (via dismagazine)

> godspeed you! black emperor Live at Paradiso on 2011-01-19

why aren’t more talking about the recent godspeed reemergence?’s got a slew of live recordings of all stripes of quality, but this one may be the best-sounding of ’11 so far. [via live music archive]

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