spells: 04.26.11

mutant juke (or as he calls it, “thin white juke”) from a galaxy far away: (ornine soundcloud/rahjustify soundcloud, ornine wm mix coming next week!)
rahjustify – true south (ornine remix)

sea things drenched in psychedelia: (soundcloud, free 21-trk album, extremely fucked-up mix)
sea things – driftwalk
sea things – a.m.

a haunting slab of sound: (more here)
tracy widdess – cream cycle

dug up some older hollagramz and it sounds totally fresh: (via pictureplane denver sampler 2009)
hollagramz – tromperz cycle

more sick clammy heaters we shoulda included last round: (free d/l)
clams casino – omg instrumental
clams casino – club banga

live newtown radio session by tjutjuna, sounds so crisp you wouldn’t think it was live:
tjutjuna – live on newtown radio

(live clips on youtube, curated by our pal colin)

a ghost juke classic by the inventor. bleak as fuck:
rp boo – eraser

new gang gang sounds influenced by modern club music:

gang gang dance – mindkilla

john maus delivers a contender for his best anthem yet: (brooklyn catch us with john maus on may 9th)

john maus – believer

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