maria minerva / raw thrills

enchanting space-cadet chanteuse/acid hippy heroinemaria minerva met raw thrills (zak mering) yesterday morning on facebook, and by mid-afternoon the intercontinental collab had spawned a remix and an over-the-top pop duet:

[via rosequartz]

now, take a first listen to the remix mering created over with a driving old-school disco beat given a strangely italo bent with minerva’s otherworldly ghost vocal:

maria minerva – i rule the streets (raw thrills remix)

[“i rule the streets” original]

check minerva’s recent video for “california scheming”, on not not fun:

Maria Minerva – California Scheming from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Maria Minerva – California Scheming from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

for added kicks, here’s zak mering’s even gonkier/zanier new side project, mak zering (previously heard/seen covering soulja boy), with a ridiculous track about smoking with your mom:

mak zering – turn my swag high

oh, zak. insanely prolific. never taking things remotely seriously. often brilliant. check his recent weird magic session w/ greatest hits and happy healthy boys (sam from outer limits recordings).

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