free spirit – the event

greenpoint duo free spirit, recently outed by dazed and confused magazine as our pals mcgregor of chocolatebobka and jonah maurer of wet dream/family portrait, are brewing up some seriously celestial ambient sounds, which mcgregor breaks down as 90% improv and 10% layered tracks set by jonah. the following is one of the latter, and one of the prettiest, most mollifying passages we’ve encountered in recent memory:

free spirit – the event

the neighbors have been quietly uploading tracks, videos, mixtapes since last fall, with mcg has also been creating solo work as meadowlands. his minimalist grosskopf redux was apparently given the nod by rvng, and is currently at work on a meditational ambiance/instructional series, including music for sleeping, for mass transporation, for office environments, for asian fusion restaurants, etc.

high-concept, yes. and don’t expect to catch them live unless you live in europe or japan [update: now willing to play south america, too], as those are the only two places they’re willing to play. in the meantime, zone out:

Free Spirit – The Event from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

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