david kanaga / cybernetics

“rhythm as sequence of events rather than evenly divided time”: a great way of phrasing an interesting concept. in a recent interview, san francisco’s david kanaga describes his creative process eventually leading to him to improvisation and breaking free of any rhythmic meter or grid.

an “organic fusion of improvised percussion, field recordings and dreamscape samples”, cybernetics is a fully-formed, hazy, sometimes disorienting yet ultimately calming ride through a beautiful place. available for the price of your choice or on silkscreened cd-r.

david kanaga – cybernetics 9
[download/buy cybernetics]

the prolific artist’s aarlier releases include free music for computer games (there are three), a project where you can buy loops for $5, an ep of lil wayne free jazz edits, audiovisual exchanges, graphic score realizations, and tons of other sample/sound experiments/improvisations/weird stuff on his blog, bandcamp and website.

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