chicago juke legends

chicago’s finest footworkers are invading new york: lit city, brand new label by the ghetto teknitianz, dave quam and azizaman, have brought out some of the heaviest hitters: ghettotek founder and legend in his own time dj rashad, seasoned veterans/pioneers traxman and clent, and underage producer/footworking double-force dj manny are here to hold it down. the best juke still comes from its birthplace of chicago, and the ghetto teckz are at the very forefront of this, producing some of the most interesting/progressive/rhythmically innovative music on the planet, period. they are blessing santos’ mammoth sound system this friday, as well as tonight at the cove for the warmup. these guys don’t come out here as much as they should, and last time i saw dj rashad spin my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, i literally couldn’t make sense of the sounds coming out of the speakers, but i was completely arrested by them nonetheless. come out and taste the future.

wednesday, 04.13.11 @ the cove, brooklyn (sans dj clent) – $3

friday, 04.15.11 @ santos party house, nyc (12-4am upstairs) – $10

dj rashad – feel da soundz [see also: & reverb, love u found]
traxman – slip fall / mix
dj clent – drop low / mix
dj manny – i’m da shyt b [see also: aw shit]

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  1. wreck_tech April 13, 2011

    plus catch all 4 live Thursday on WNYU 89.1fm The Math +Science Show, 1030pm ET. / iTunes Radio (wnyu under ‘college’) for those not in the tri-state.

  2. nick faust April 13, 2011

    same show is happening that saturday + Jammin’ Gerald for any cornellians who read weird magic!

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