weird magic turned a half-year-old recently, and that half-year has been packed with highlights. eternal gratitude for all the support. this blog was born with every intention of having it progress, shapeshift, and evolve, and today we are announcing a few changes:

  • in thinking of ways to improve our reader’s experience, we believe posting music in the form of short “playlists” is more effective than individual music posts, so we are going to try out a new way of posting great music in clusters rather than one at a time. we believe this will allow more room for photos, features, and exclusives, and make it easier to find/consume what you want. the first of these posts will go up later today.
  • we have decided to stop doing the radio show. we’d prefer to deliver quality content when it is ready and have people listen to it or download it for keeps whenever they like, in the highest quality possible. it was a great excuse for us to get some awesome mixes and exclusives, but still pledge to actually step up the frequency of both artist mixes/sessions/features, as well as mixes of our own (weird magic mix #2 to drop soon, in the meantime check our past ones), and there are a ton of improvements that i can’t wait to make to the site itself as soon as i find some time.
  • today aaron “boots” moves forward from regularly posting/generally being half of the blog. he wants to focus more on his video work and will still contribute and continue to collaborate on music stuff with me. and we’re still best friends. oh, and he dropped a new music video today.
  • weird magic could use some help! looking for skilled writers willing to help out with music posts on a very flexible basis, to write about great tracks, conduct interviews, edit, and the like. we could also use a helper/intern in brooklyn down to hang with us a couple times a week, photo edit, help plan events, music, pushing envelopes, etc.
  • and lastly, of course, if you’ve got any suggestions/feedback for us, please let us know!

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