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the murmurs about boylan, one of the most slept-on ghettoteknitians in chicago, have been getting louder, with many hailing him the “best white juke producer,” and the unlikely beatsmith (and full-time high school teacher by day) has been rolling out the kind of heat that proves the respect is well-deserved. dude definitely knows what he’s doing.

his new e.p. mystery, slated for an april 26th on ghettophiles, should help too. preview below via minimix courtesy of starfoxxx.

Starfoxxx – Boylan Minimix by Ghettophiles

here’s an exclusive non-e.p. track that boylan gave us to post:
boylan – holdin’ on

check his mixcloud for a handful of mixes including this one: it’s from september, but it’s packed with tracks i’d never heard, and definitely one of the coldest, most tripped-out juke mixes to ever enter my ears:

boylan‘s e.p. mystery drops on 4.26.11 on ghettophiles.

labelmates starfoxxx, makers of the boylan e.p. minimix attached above, have a release of their own dropping the following week also on ghettophiles. they are amassing a pretty deep vault of tracks on their soundcloud, displaying a chameleon-like ability to adapt to different dance styles, and an absolutely voracious appetite when it comes to sampling, unafraid to juke out anything from tears for fears to willow smith.

the self-titled e.p. finds the trio breaking away from the juke template to explore their own ground, and it fits snugly alongside current electronic innovators like nguzunguzu and the night slugs camp. our favorite track off their e.p. is actually a bonus track by “starfaux” (member david beltran solo). despite the “bonus track” status, this one’s definitely a scorching blast of heat:

excloose mp3:
Starfaux – More, ya dig

preview the whole new e.p. with this minimix they compiled:

Minimix by starfoxxxchicago

starfoxxx’ self-titled e.p. is out 5.5.11 on ghettophiles.

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