greatest hits / raw thrills / happy healthy boys: live on weird magic excursions

tyler and zak of greatest hits (along w/ sam of outer limits recordings et al.) stopped by our radio show last week, in high spirits and with plenty of material in tow. specifically: their entire new freak funk boy 7″, new raw thrills jam “whole lotta lovin”, a brand new sweethearts tune performed by the happy healthy boys (sweethearts (zak + sam)+tyler), live fave “L train girl”, harry nilsson and sparks covers, and more. the recording came straight from their mixer, “demented and filled with sentiment.”

this recording offers a first listen of a bunch of new material, and stands as a snapshot of an incredibly prolific and wacky corner of the musical landscape at their most comfortable and impassioned. many thanks to them for delivering such a packed, well-planned set.

greatest hits – fun girls
greatest hits – freak funk boy
greatest hits – played to win
greatest hits – we at the afterparty
greatest hits – ten little indians (Harry Nilsson Cover)
raw thrills – whole lotta lovin
happy healthy boys – rock n roll story
greatest hits – l train girl
greatest hits – funky dame
greatest hits – roger (Sparks/Halfnelson Demo Cover)
or download the whole set in a zip file.

“rock n roll story”:

pre-order greatest hits’ freak funk boy 7″ @ sixteen tambourines.

excursions is our weekly radio show on newtown radio. tune into thursday from 5-7pm for musical journeys and special guests (out to sxsw next week but have a special podcast planned in lieu, and will be resuming the following week with a set by magic mountain!)

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