in this conceptual post we highlight a selection of tracks that utilize the art of sampling in original and exciting ways.

samurai buck – beverly bills
sampled: the velvet underground, “sweet jane

psyched to see this sample done justice, with the lush intro to “sweet jane” beautifully revealing itself in different hues throughout the song. samurai buck are amazing at their brand of “psychedelic hip hop” and we’ll be bringing you more from them soon (in the meantime, download direct from soundcloud for $free).

Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer (Starfoxxx remix)
sampled: neon indian, “deadbeat summer”

we tweeted this remix last week and saw the track receive the modern stamp of approval (via band retweet), causing a small resurgence of interest in this juke-ification. verdict: dope. probably more of a todd rundgren cut-up with his “izzat love” laying the foundation, but really great foot-reworking regardless.

Lushlife ft. Ariel Pink & Elzhi – In Soft Focus
sampled: ariel pink, “for kate i wait

lushlife spit a pretty inspired performance on this track, but it’s what’s going on underneath them that interests us here. whomever produced this made great use of the ariel pink sample, chopping it into a brand new melody.

mr. dibiase – Outsider’s Asylum demo ft. jonwayniac
sampled: wendy carlos, “title music from a clockwork orange

gifted beatsmith mr. dibiase dropped this sinister stomper recently, deftly and darkly employing snippets of walter carlos’ pre-witch house title music for a clockwork orange (d/l above), one of the most unsettling pieces of music we’ve ever heard.

a tribe called red – Red Skin Girl (ATCR Remix)
sampled: northern cree, “red skin gal

hear the original pow wow chant above, then enter the soundcloud below for your bizarre thrillride. these guys are great at fusing the tribal with the clubby, the results just as intense as the source. (radioclit sampled similar material for the great “get it up” feat. m.i.a., santogold and gorilla zoe, later rubbed by the very best.)

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  1. DJ NDN January 30, 2011

    We sampled a track called “Red Skin Gal” by Northern Cree Singers. And Radioclit used a different Pow Wow track as a sample. Just thought I’d clarify. Thanks for the dope post!

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