dakota – we at the mall

this super mysterious youtube sensation called dakota has appeared on weird magic once before, and is now creeping back into our speakers after our discovery of the track “we at the mall”. the fuzzy vintage synth loops swirl in the air like clouds of 80’s hairspray permeating the room once this track starts playing. the loops repeating have the audial effect that huffing that hairspray would create. repeating whirls of dancey grains build upon each other until the beat drops and you cant help but lose your shit. mp3s have yet to come out, but we are told an album will be released in the coming months, so seriously keep your eyes peeled for dakota.

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  1. FLAKTRAKS February 3, 2011

    I’m glad my 2 friends and I are not the only ones who really dig whatever this DAKOTA is….know any way to get some hands on the tracks? i’d love this in my car. (skateboard)

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