audiovisual: outer limits recordings – burnin through the nite (live nye)

this outer limits recordings track has been our de facto jammer lately. it is the first track to be released by sweethearts, a collaboration between sam meringue (olr/matrix metals etc.) and zak mering (greatest hits/raw thrills), but also goes under the general outer limits recordings umbrella. live, the band includes tyler thacker (greatest hits), ian drennan (big troubles), james ferraro, and ryan howe (luke perry), and this was the anthem at the new years eve party we curated, their first performance ever.

cops shut us down (more words and photos to come later), but this is a taste of what it felt like around midnight in there. burn with us:

Outer Limits Recordings – “Burnin Through The Nite” from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

sweethearts – burnin through the nite

weird magic edit coming soon.

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