pedro maia

waking up to find a new short film in your inbox thats scored by vintage panda bear is a sign that times are good, in my book at least. pedro maia sent this really beautiful film to us from portugal the other day and it really struck a chord with us. in this video, pedro has collaborated with noah lennox, “exploring the relation between a musician and filmmaker and their personal reflection on memories”. pretty fitting that the song chosen is titled “a musician and a filmmaker”. the film evokes such a beautiful and downright spooky tunnel into your soul, with super 8 memories that look like they could’ve been yours or a family members, from times that have come and are gone, only for you to keep. when pedro isnt using the imagery of simple things everyone remembers and misses, he uses colors and manipulates the look of film burning to abstract the viewer into a surreal, organic environment which comes off almost like its what a memory thats forgotten would look like. enjoy

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  1. shhitsasecret December 15, 2010

    i feel like this is what would be behind your eyelids if you were in a coma…brilliant.

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