light asylum – dark allies

light asylum have emerged as a force to be reckoned with, and now we are able to share possibly our favorite song of theirs with you. sharp, serrated synthesizers, projectile percussion, lazers fired in all directions. this song takes you straight to a fucked-up underworld, with shannon funchess the dark empress at the helm. as the earth’s crust cracks open and reveals its glowing red core, funchess rises up belting out dark incantations from her soul.

with this track, shannon really makes her presence known, and its more intense than what we we were anticipating. that voice, ageless, androgynous, and absolutely vast, flooring you to the ground. by the time things fly off the hinges past the 4:30 point, the chills become almost unbearable, this doomed world ultimately becoming a place you don’t want to leave.

to us, it sounds like an instant classic.

Dark Allies by LIGHT ASYLUM

also peep “skull fuct,” which makes good use of a portishead “machine gun” percussive quotation.
Skull Fuct by LIGHT ASYLUM

light asylum plays santos party house this saturday [12/11] opening for violens. stay tuned for coverage/photo gallery.

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  1. Doug December 17, 2010

    holy fuck this is amazing.

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