girl unit – WUT

and now we bring to you a track that we’ve been blaring but have slept on posting until now, a tune that everyone with a pulse should hear. a sensory-flooding, proven floorslayer. “wut” is a beast of a track, seven minutes of carefully-paced, expertly-placed dirrty south fetishizing and woofer battering. its synthetic bed of slow-rolling bombast apparently designed to lift the clipped helium-huffed melody to unfathomable heights.

previously tagging his works with the “club” designation, girl unit (née phil gamble) tagged all three tracks on the wut ep as “rap,” which is actually completely apropos, skittering signifiers and stuttering hi-hats all over it. but there are also billowing airhorns and clear indications of a distinct dancefloor-disciple mentality. it may sit squarely at the crossroads of both styles, but really this monster is something else entirely: everything perfectly in place, we haven’t seen a remix or rap mashup appear yet, probably because there’s really no need. it’s all in here.

girl unit’s “wut” ep came out oct. 30th on night slugs (also home to jam city, kingdom, mosca and others), who’s been rightfully placed by fact magazine as contender for label of the year (behind only olde english spelling bee… completely spot-on).

girl unit – wut

also give a listen to this clip of a forthcoming girl unit remix which we can’t wait to hear in full.
Taylor – CMB (Girl Unit Remix) (clip) by super

…and this mix for mary-anne hobbes bbc radio 1:
GIRL UNIT Guest Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 by GIRLUNIT

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  1. chris December 8, 2010

    fucking epic!

  2. chris December 8, 2010

    “an eclectic/eccentric electronic source” looks like i’m gunna have to follow you on hype machine.

  3. Supersonic December 9, 2010

    “Wut” is fucking filthyyy. Thanks for posting it!

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