magic: an elephant painting an elephant

member of our weird magic family, Alon Avissar, recently presented us with these strange pictures from his excursion to thailand capturing an elephant that paints. If an elephant in thailand that can paint isnt enough magic, theres the fact that this elephant paints self portraits. final thought: somewhere in thailand an elephant is refining his skills in the fine arts, what are you doing today?

[photos by alon avissar, thailand 2010]

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  1. NT March 28, 2011

    sorry. i’m thai and feel i must comment, though i know your intention is good. there is no magic about this:

    (if you don’t want to watch the whole thing you could just forward to 3:10)

    thanks, i love weird magic!

  2. Secret Lee May 28, 2011

    That’s Effed up. I had no idea that cruel shit like that was still going on with elephants. Sorry to hear this.

  3. Secret Lee May 28, 2011

    And, here. The vid link posted is unreadable, so here it is clearly for viewing.

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