electronic body music: reemergence

the reemergence of ebm is happening all around us. the hard and sparse danceable electronic beats, clear undistorted vocals, shouts or growls with reverberation and echo effects, and repetitive sequencer lines are beginning to charge out of the club speakers and into the spotlight once again in nyc. electronic body music was named by Ralf hütter of kraftwerk in 1978 to explain the more physical sound of their album “the man-machine”. more recently, bands like gatekeeper, white car, tense, and night gallery are bringing this sound back with a vengance. check the tracks by these artists below and feel the mechanical rumble of new york streets pulsate through your brain.

night gallery – constant struggle
white car – reality beat
tense – the visitor

This is a song by von haze that white car did an edit of, which salem then remixed. heavy track
von haze – outsyde tha nite (white car edit) (salem remix)

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