woodsman play market hotel

starting two fridays ago, we’ve been featuring live music every friday night at market hotel at sundown for cosmic yoga and gathering as a regular thing. last week we had white rainbow [photos here]. friday before that we had driphouse, real estate’s etienne duguay and big troubles’ alex craig. in the past, we’ve had la big vic, prince rama, forma, blissed out and others. and many more to come. join the facebook group and follow on twitter to stay up.

market hotel is currently closed for shows but still alight with activity. this is an excellent way to show support, hang out, and listen to great music. plus free exercise! check markethotel.org and bodyactualizedcontrol.org for more info on what we’re all up to.

this friday we bring you a special set from woodsman. flyer above, media below, more information after the jump. get ready to fly.

woodsman – balance from Mystery Tape EP

woodsman plays shea stadium tonight along with run dmt, la big vic, night manager, and birthdays. packed bill. we’ll be there snapping photos and probably jamming tracks off our ipods.

oct 15 market hotel

a cosmic yoga event
with live accompaniment by
starts at 6

presented by

yoga guidance by courtney

“listen to new age bands and do yoga, totally relaxed chill vibes, but fall is here but winters still a ways away, these are the nicest days of the year. come chill new age style, at peace with yourself, one with the world, life is what you make it”

– http://weirdmagic.biz/
– http://vibesmanagement.com/

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