Teams – Airworks

sean bowie is an electronic artist hailing from Knoxville, TN and goes by the name of teams. Came across this track and i was instantly transported to the white sandy beaches in my mind, where life is good and I feel that warm glow. Their latest EP, “We Have A Room With Everything” from amdiscs has some nice jams, the track “Airworks” especially. Taking smooth Hawaiian West African soukous samples and splicing them into oblivion, creating a landscape of sound that you cant help but become enveloped in. They are set to release a “12 with star slinger this fall on mexican summer and you can catch them in Brooklyn for The Sky Report’s CMJ show at Matchless with Blackbird Blackbird, Sunglasses, Millionyoung, Mathemagic, and Teen Daze on Oct. 22.

teams – airworks

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  1. rezzie October 2, 2010

    haha. i totally discovered this through laura brown. truth.

  2. cmf October 4, 2010

    this track sample’s run dmt’s track

  3. oxen free October 5, 2010

    so teams sampled a run dmt song, that was already sampled…

  4. rezzie October 7, 2010

    yep. this track samples “wacky delly” which samples west african soukous.

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